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Thread: Leather Apron

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    Leather Apron

    About the streets of London

    clad in slippered feet

    searching darkened venues

    where the right ones I may meet

    I lead them to the alleys

    I rip them in the dark

    I stain my leather apron

    each night I do my work

    I did my dance with Mary Ann

    two slashes side by side

    in my hands, I held Chapman’s womb

    before I hit my Stride

    A hurried slash and a fatal gash

    sent Catharine far from mind

    for I was running late, I had a date,

    and with Kelly, I took my time

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    Jack the ripper I guess? The rhyming bothers me. You start off with a true rhyme of feet/meet and then it's near rhymes of dark/work etc. The rhyming also forced you to mess with syntax in "where the right ones I may meet"
    This reminds me why I am not a big fan of rhyme.. but that's just my opinion.

    The leather apron was a good choice of title. It made me want to read it.

    For those who believe,
    no explanation is necessary.
    For those who do not,
    none will suffice.

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    Thank you for the feedback, Jerrybaldy. My favorite poems aren't rhyming ones either and for much the same reasons. As a poet, I'm definitely a novice.

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