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Thread: Alexander Solzhenitsen, In The First Circle

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    Alexander Solzhenitsen, In The First Circle

    Someone whose continued high standing I am confident of. You cannot make up novels like In The First Circle. It buries so many other classics. The portraits of the dictator are without peer. To me it is the greatest novel I ever read, topping the likes of Hermingway, Fitzgerald, Steinbeck and Faulkner with ease, for instance. He also easily dispenses of Turgenev, Gogol, etc. His only Russian rivals are Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky, his only American ones Bellow and Twain.

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    Isn't the most accepted spelling of his name "Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn"? I just looked at several book covers and all have "Solzhenitsyn", most have "Aleksandr", though some have "Alexander".

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    As a teenager I was very impressed by Solzhenitsyn. He deserved his reputation. There are bits I have still to read - but I may just re-read what I have.

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    I love to read novels by Alexander. His writings are so addictive that once you start reading you can not stop yourself. I also write 3-4 books. One of my latest and trending book is Aavya. You can explore my work on my website -
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