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Thread: I met a Lyon, Who glaz'd vpon me

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    I met a Lyon, Who glaz'd vpon me

    This is a quote from a Shakespeare's play. I'm curious, having not read it, whether the lion it references is an actual lion or whether the speaker is figuratively referring to a person.

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    1,502 is a bit difficult to answer - I do not know if he actually saw all that weird stuff or whether his superstitious mind was making it all up. There really was a lot of lightning and thunder, and it seems like he did see a vision, just as Calpurnia does a little later. He's definitely shaken and believes he saw ominous portents, and taken together with the soothsayer's warning to Caesar to beware the Ides of March, Calpurnia's dream and the storm, thunder and lightning, I think we are supposed to go with it and not question too much. It is all about building up drama and atmosphere.
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