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Thread: A Few Words about Grammar

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iain Sparrow View Post
    Just the opposite.
    The unsung heroes of the literary world are editors, and their editorship is more than just policing spelling and grammar. They help forge great literature.
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    Nothing pissed I off most than when people uses adverbs uncorrect

    But in all seriousness, whenever I hear someone say, "Wow, we did awesome!" a little part of me dies as each millisecond passes by and hearing that "-ly" becomes increasingly impossible.

    (It's like when someone forgets to add a right parentheses, although that one is more likely to make a code monkey twitch than a writer.

    Oh, I also feel that this is necessary. I doesn't always making memes, but when I did, they was Dos Equis memes
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    This is the kind of English up with what I will not stand.

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    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Although I'm quite new to these forums, I've read a few posts and I've seen enough to know just about what you're getting at. However, I feel as if your quotations do not fully express the disregard for use of proper grammar some of the members of this community may have. The examples you've given are indeed adequate. It's just my opinion that when you, in the latter part of your post, distinguish to what extent these individuals ignore grammatical imperfections, the examples given do not fully apply to your thoughts on this matter. I do, however, fully agree that it's unacceptable having some members disregarding errors within their posts. It's in my interest to state that I consider making the best of what you have to be a solid idea.

    As I myself hail from Scandinavia, there might be a few grammatical errors in this post. I beg to deviate from fending off these errors by giving an affirmation of my condolences regarding any grammatical difficulties that may be found. Thank you for your observation.

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    I think it all comes down to what one was taught, or took in. In most cases, the person's beginnings need to be examined, not their present product. Like Paul expressed, in writing to the Hebrews, "there is a time when you ought to be teachers, but you are in need that one teach you again the first principles." The same holds true for the principles of writing which are often ignored or forgotten by the student, or never actually conveyed to the student in the first place. And yes, there is a time when we ought to be well able to teach the basics to others, but can't, and need to return to our beginnings, where most problems start.

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    With the exception of copulative or "linking" verbs, verbs take the objective case. Yet recently a highly- respected, knowledgeable sportscaster who attended Yale uttered this sentence:

    "I saw he and his wife the other night."
    Him! I saw him! You wouldn't say, "I saw he." It makes no difference with a compound object.

    We grammar snoots are losing the battle!

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    Grammatical and spelling mistakes are very annoying. I make mistakes when I write and usually when I edit something I wrote I find all or nearly all of those errors. I rarely get my verbs mixed up and recently I'd taken my verb use a step further with using "and" and "then" to describe things in correct order. A lot of writers would write, "I took my seat belt off and shut the door before I walked across the yard." Being very particular I am annoyed that two actions are described as happening simultaneously. You simply can't simultaneously be outside of your car shutting the door and taking your seat belt off. One action must come first. So, if it were me writing that I would word it as, "I took my seat belt off then shut the door before I walked across the yard." It's something that I noticed very early on when I was 10 years old. When I first started writing I caught myself falling in line with what I already noticed before and disdained. I taught myself to not overly use the word "and" and use the word "then" instead whenever it would work.

    I agree with many of the replies on this thread that if you write a story or an article it really shouldn't contain any mistakes. And you should really look much closer than you thought was good enough if you are sending something to a publisher. A single mistake can turn them off to your writing on a hair's dime.
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