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    True Love

    Peace be on you.
    Love is one of the human faculties. Its reality is that heart likes something and is drawn towards it. Its treasures become apparent when it reaches perfection. When one loves someone, one gets colour of one’s beloved. That is why those who adores God imbibe God’s attributes according of human capacity. They feel mercy for those who are away from God and they do not get flavor of their morals. They desire from bottom of their heart that may everyone recognize true God. Their mercy is for everyone regardless of religion and nation. Their love with God is not a selfish love, it is personal love. They worship God because of personal love. They obey God with understanding that He created them and raises them with unlimited beneficence and they keep His blessings in view all the times. All time remembrance of benefactor and His beautiful attributes bring them to station where they worship God as if they see them with spiritual eyes.

    According to Ahmadiyya Promised Messiah Mahdi (on whom be peace) :
    "Love is a wonderful thing. Its fire consumes the fire of sin and extinguishes the flame of disobedience. There can be no question of 'punishment' where there is perfect and true love. One of the signs of true love is that the lover dreads the very thought of being estranged from his beloved. He thinks himself doomed at his smallest fault, and sees the beloved’s displeasure as a deadly poison. He is also beset by a great longing to meet his beloved, and absence and separation takes the very life out of him. That is why he does not only regard as sinful, actions which are regarded as such by the common man— e.g., murder, adultery, theft and bearing false witness—rather, he considers even the slightest estrangement from God, and the slightest inclination towards anything other than Him, as a grave sin. He, therefore, constantly seeks forgiveness (Istighfar) from his Eternal Beloved. Since he can never bring himself to accept separation from Him at any time, the slightest neglect—which he might commit due to his human weakness—appears to him like a mountain of sin."
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    What you describe as True Love, is just bondage.

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    We all have our perceptions of love and, mostly, they are different from others. It is nice that you have yours, YALASH. I think that true love happens when perceptions of love between partners are in accordance.

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