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Thread: Patriotism in Shakespeare's history play

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    Patriotism in Shakespeare's history play

    This website is indeed impressive with useful search index. I don't know if you will feel bothered to offer suggestions to me on my research paper. I am now trying to "acquiring patriotism in Renaissance England" through Shakespeare's Richard II. I wonder if it is possible for you to give me some advices. In Richard II, the deposing scene and the murder of a king are shocking or can be refered to as an act of counter-patriotism in modern sense. How can I direct the deposing scene to echo my acquiring patriotim in Renaissance England? I will be honored to hear from you.<br>wish you joy and health<br><br>Joshua

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    I too have been writing on English nationalism/patriotism in shakespeare and have recently completed a 6000 word essay on the subject. The plays I utilised, were richard II, King John, and henry V. I would be willing to share this information if you wish. my email is [email protected]

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    You can consider the famous "link" between the play and the Rebellion (c.1601), led by Lord Essex, in order to dethrone Queen Elizabeth I.
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