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Thread: Translating of the best Arab verses ever have been said

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    Translating of the best Arab verses ever have been said

    The best Arab verses ever have been said

    Translated to English by me

    Verses are said in endearment :

    For thee soul would bend even if it were generous.
    Never it bends but only to those are acceptable
    Free soul must not submissive randomly to others.
    You must not let it relaying on those undependable

    Verses are said in modesty:

    Be modest you shall be as a visible star reflexing its ray.
    Its shadowy light on water is seeable, even if looks small.
    Do not be as smoke rising arbitrary on its way.
    However, it ascends highly but it has no worth to say.

    Verses are said in patience:

    I have dealt with many affairs of life nature.
    Seeing not but patience, it has a good feature.
    Never did who deal with patience have failure.
    It is the dependable way for seeking pleasure.

    Verses are said in generosity:

    He is as a sea his charity being unfathomable.
    Wherever you look, his welfare is quite noticeable.
    For generosity, all times his hands are extendable.
    When his hands slightly shrunken he is the self-deniable
    Whenever you visit him, he welcomes thee cheerfully
    If he gives you nothing, his smiling face is satisfactory.
    If he hasn’t but only his soul, he would be rather generous
    Therefore, his asker may fear God not to rather ominous

    Best verses are said in courage\ bravery:

    If time discloses for you its veil,
    And stretched out its fortune to examine thee.
    Rush into fate even if its way leads to hell.
    Defeat as you can, not to surrender one day.

    Best verse is said in cowardice:

    If the coward man felt that he was away of battlefield,
    Arrogantly he asked dueling but nobody had he killed.

    Best verse in senility:

    Youth runs away and it is impossible to regain.
    After hoariness replaces, what can you do then?

    On justice:

    Keep to justice if you are in others' affairs responsible.
    Be cautious about injustice as much as it is possible.

    Best verse on foolishness:

    When the foolish man shows me his repulsive tug,
    I hate to replay for him even I have sharp tongue.
    As long as he increases in his stupid mug,
    I take him patiently as if burning aloes log.

    Death & fate:

    We shall depart this life as our grandfathers departed one day.
    Time does not care to us but remains constant in its way.
    Shiny day ends and nightfall replaces instead.
    A new star emerges, another one vanishes indeed.

    On advice:

    O, man, you cried at the first moment of seeing light.
    However, people surrounded thee laughed at delight.
    Urge yourself for something giving thee lasting fame.
    At least at your death you have sparkling name.

    On impossibility denotation:

    He throws him into sea as a bounding up body
    Saying to him: do not wet by water you kiddy.

    On harm enmity:

    If we were disputed for the sake of trivial thing,
    Our bloodshed would cover the valley for nothing.

    Best verse on Self- esteem:

    Do not water me fresh water into humiliation.
    Quench me with bitter cup but without violation.

    On union:

    My sons, I wish you were united not to by time turn dismantled
    After your union, you may be aware not to be disunited
    You will be strong as those sticks when they are together.
    If the bundle is loose, each stick can be broken easier.

    Best verse on self-generosity and honor:

    Esteem yourself in order to be guarded from humiliation.
    If you neglect that, from time you won't find any admiration.

    Best verse on benefaction:

    Implant charity even if it is not in its suitable position.
    Any good deed never dies but returns to its first location.

    Verse is said to consider men:

    Men are similar to boxes when they are tightly closed.
    Unless experiments their secret is still undisclosed.

    Verse are said in moral lesson:

    If people are moving away from their good morality,
    You may cry upon them and ask for funeral ceremony.

    Best verse is said in self- nobility :

    If souls turn haughty and for sins are vulnerable,
    Bodies to comply with their wishes turn disable

    Verses are said in truthfulness significance:

    If you undertake to do something for other,
    You must achieve it; it is a debt in your shoulder.
    Otherwise, you may say no to save your honour.
    If not people will say that you are liar forever.

    Verse is said in hope:

    I indulge my soul to live in hope for a while.
    Living without hope is useless and futile.

    Best verses are said in God reliance:

    Put in thy reliance with Allah asking Him his keep.
    It is the best approach while others are wrong.
    Whom requests other than God help will not reap.
    His supporter then is impotent and laying to sleep.
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