Rest in peace, you sweet wrinkly face;
Rest in peace, you slow bodily pace;
For I saw in your walk, and heard in your voice;
The low, feeble, and shattered cry; of you
And your weary likes;
Your recent groan, "life is very long".

My Achilles was wounded in the heart;
Shot by an arrow of inevitable loss
Of friends, whom he loved, and who loved him back.

"Erbarme Dich, mein Gott'', I mime,
With no tears dropping from my eyes.
"Weep! You fools!", I say
"What's left to hold on, when kindness dies?"

But they are still shocked,
Wide-open, and gave no reply;
For the memory and image of you,
Your caring, nurturing gazes,
And many bored, inspiring phases,
Forbid me the right;
To scream, shout, and cry.

I will shed no tears, I pledge
To walk in your shoes,
Enjoy my companions and booze,
till I finally groan, "Life is very long".

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