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Thread: Question about Improving my English

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    Question about Improving my English

    Greetings Online Lit community,

    I am a University student trying to improve the quality of my writing and oral communication. Having had a history of being a lazy student throughout public school and never having learned one language very well (Russian at home, French at school, and English with friends), I was wondering if anyone could provide some pointers?
    Studying a dictionary?
    Reading American writers? If so which books?
    Writing/Grammar for Dummies?
    I appreciate all advice, thank you
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    Use English as much as possible. If you are looking to improve your writing find the style guide that goes with you subject. I would recommend The Elements of Style as a good general book for improving writing.

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    To improve your writing, read. To improve your speaking, listen. A good place to start with both is English-language news, because the news is written to be easily understood at a wide range of educational levels.
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    I started reading novels in English when I was 12 years old (my first language is Finnish, and I've learned English at school), and it had a huge impact on my grammar and vocabulary. I think reading is often the easiest and best way to learn languages, because you learn while actually being entertained, almost as if you're not actually studying. The reason why I joined this forum years ago was improving my English, too, to see if I could actually participate in a conversation in English. The only way to practise your oral skills is speaking, so keep on talking to your English-speaking friends!
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