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Thread: Moving to Manchester

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    Moving to Manchester

    Any Manchester people around? Looks like we're moving over there with work but I don't know it at all so any advice re areas to look at/avoid would be appreciated.
    So far I've registered with these but need some more non-dodgy estate agents to get in touch with please

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    I work in Manchester though live outside of the city. I believe Sale is a reasonably good place to live and benefits from being on the Metrolink route. I would avoid Longsight, Hulme, Beswick, Rusholme, Bradford and anywhere too close to the city centre.

    Depending on your budget and how far you're happy to/willing to commute then you've got quite a wide range of choice. Many of my colleagues commute from Liverpool (though I wouldn't entirely recommend that). Cheshire is close by, and the Peak District (Glossop is quite nice, hilly. I grew up there), and places like Saddleworth, Delph, Diggle are also commutable. I live in Lancashire - Chorley - which is quite easily commutable by car or rail and quite a nice, relaxed place to live. Very flat (in case you don't like hills. Very good for cycling though).
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