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Thread: Knock the bell and switch on the light

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    Knock the bell and switch on the light

    Knock the bell and switch on the light
    Make my day as a part of night
    Give me your slumbery cheek and hark
    Our thicket kept maliciously to be dark
    Never to ask me, what colours enclose art?
    We are a pair of colour zealously start.
    Aren’t you my pillars and I am your ceil!
    Are we not from one soul lovely inhale?
    Why do you puzzle me making me one hand?
    I am your breath when you are joyful or sad.
    Entrapped me in your figure as what does the snake
    Didst you give me one day your warm cheek?
    God forgive! But let's wait a new dawn
    And your smirking smile never will be shown.
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