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Thread: Sandwich (cheese)

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    Sandwich (cheese)

    I am fairly sure this cheese sandwich will kill me.
    It came to me in an epiphany
    as I poured milk into my tea.
    I don't think it's going to choke me.
    I don't see myself rolling on the floor
    With that gasping for air look in desperate eyes.
    But trust me readers this sandwich has my number
    My favourite colour and a dislike born in the venom
    of an unrequited lover.

    Have you ever started a poem
    Then wondered how the f uck it may end?

    I made the sandwich having scoffed 24 aspirin.
    My dairy allergy ended my days.
    I made the sandwich with the same knife
    I had just used to open my veins.
    The cheese pushed my cholesterol limit
    Over the speed limit.

    You chose to read this.
    You decide.

    In case you can't decide.

    I was skydiving whilst peckish
    and I didn't pack my own bag.

    I was taking drugs and the sandwich turned into a shark.
    Who ate me.

    I have to fess up.
    The cheese sandwich did not kill me.

    It was raining the kind of rain just sent to emulate
    your mood.
    I was eating a cheese sandwich,
    I had just killed my brother
    I needed an escape.
    Forgive me.

    It was on rye.
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    no explanation is necessary.
    For those who do not,
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