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Thread: Suicide that looks like and accident!?

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    Suicide that looks like and accident!?

    Hello fellow writers! I’ve come across somewhat of a mental block and it would be great if you could help me out!

    I’ve got a main character Tom (early 20s, male) that I need to kill off, but in a way that fully appears to be an accident to family and friends, but which in fact is a cleverly engineered suicide by Tom designed to LOOK like an accident.

    Reason is, depending on how I develop the story, I may want them ponder whether or not it was an accidental death or not in later chapters. HOWEVER there must be no clues from the actual suicide itself – that must be completely convincing as an accident (even to a coroner).

    Important details:
    - Death must be as painless/quick as possible
    - Suicide must be realistic, something a person of average intelligence could actually pull off without extraordinary circumstances or outside help.
    - Tom is in early 20s, lives with parents, near London in the UK.
    - He has access to a vehicle but no garage
    - No cliffs or similar hazards nearby he could ‘accidentally’ drive off!

    Really appreciate any thoughts or ideas, thank you!

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    Just curious, why must the suicide look like an accident?

    Hmmm, or are we helping you plan a murder that looks like an accident and, if investigated further, looks like a suicide made to look like an accident?
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    Electrical device and bathtub. Simple yet effective.
    Alternatively go out drinking. Get drunk. Deliberately choke on own vomit. Disgusting and probably not so easy to pull off. Or just stagger out into oncoming traffic while drunk.
    Sneak into a zoo, provoke a tiger and hope for the best or worst and pray you don't get found and arrested. Although, while in prison provoke a fight with an inmate.
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    Auto-erotic hanging.
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    He could crawl into a tiny bag and lock himself in, like we're supposed to believe this guy did:

    Drug overdose is a reasonably plausible approach.
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    Thanks very much

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheFifthElement View Post
    He could crawl into a tiny bag and lock himself in, like we're supposed to believe this guy did:
    Where do they sell these kinds of bags?

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