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    I just finish reading Macbeth by William Shakespeare. I found that the drama was quite interesting. In Macbeth I just want to comment about Macbeth's character. Macbeth was just pretending to be loyal to the king but after he was given the prophecy, Macbeth was totally change. He was also a coward because he likes to listen his wife's word. I was sad after Macbeth killed Duncan , Banquo and Macduff's family. Shakespeare has made "Macbeth" a real - life story. Even Shakespeare had died but his dramas, and his sonnets are still in humans heart

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    In the begining Macbeth was loyal, but he was also ambitious. Most believe that if the witches hadnt prophecised that he would be king he wouldnt have gone to the lengths that he did. Macbeth was no coward, he did what he believed he had to do, and just becasue he listened to his wife is also no reason to call him a coward.

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    Just as an add-on to what you said, BlueDreamer, about the witches, Macbeth probably wouldn't have killed Duncan and attempted to become king as passionately as he did if he didn't know that he would achieve. Ambitious as he was, I don't think he would jeopardize his standing like that (considering that he and Duncan were very friendly, and I can only imagine that Malcolm would have been the same once he ascended the throne) if he didn't already know for sure that it was to happen.
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    how foul is the fair?

    we generally tend to forget that macbeth was a tragic figure appearing on stage and not a real person so we compacently associate ourselves with his situation and what we would have done if we were in his shoes.but the fact remains that he was a tragic protagonist quite quite different from us.
    whatever macbeth did, was triggeres by his own emotional logic and once the process of evil began he couldnot return-he had to see the grim process through to its grimmer conclusion.and the conclusion is where we the audience come into the play.the anagnorisis attained by macbeth dawns on us as a figment of the larger vision of the human condition

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    Question Question for all

    Let me ask you all a question.
    In reading macbeth did you fell that he was deranged and insane, Overambitious and powerhunger, or that he was hungry for power but that the power went to his head and drove him crazy? If you can respond it would be an immense help for the paper that I have to write.

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    I dont tink Macbeth was ever 'insane' or 'deranged', Iv always thought he was perfectly rational, exemplified by his cunningness. My stupid sense of logic is: cant have em both (lady macbeth too) mad...which dont help u at all i know. But I've always read that his hamartia is overambition but I think you can argue other ways too. And the turning point is as early as the killing it Duncan? Because he committed one murder he has to committ the other ones to prevent people finding out and snatching what he achieved. Im not very eloquent, read Macbeth six years ago!!!! But there are plenty of books and good info on the internet so get googling. :-)
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