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Thread: The Sparrow

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    The Sparrow

    I tried to contain it,
    but that wild sparrow would never settle.
    Only it's migration was predictable,
    though, from where it came
    or when it would return was unknowable.
    Sometimes it would find me and flit its wings over my vision
    into a blinding blurred frenzy,
    then disappear in that same instant.
    Other times it would linger
    perching upon my shoulder in silence
    until it became weightless.
    Until, I didn't recall it was there at all.
    It became a familiar companion
    of which it’s arrival or leave became natural,
    to the point of being unnoticeable to me.
    Even here it finds me.
    Fluttering in,
    landing within my coupled hands,
    causing them to shake with panic.
    Though I want to stifle it,
    instead, I find myself only able to enfold it
    clasped within my palms
    until it retreats to sleep.
    Sometimes it soars in without warning
    scratching at my face,
    clawing at my sides,
    pecking at my ears
    while Im hunched
    until it lets out a shrill shriek
    of absolute hatred against itself.
    No use looking out the window.
    You can't see the sparrow coming.
    Besides the barren tree calls to it
    to that first sparrow,
    called Rage,
    which caged me here.
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