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    Room 101

    Room 101 where the worst torture is held really makes the novel. Without it, the book is a world with no emotion. Room 101 brings out the fear of the victim and shows the real power that Big Brother has over the inferior proles. It shows that even though people have to show no emotion, it doesn't mean that it isn't there. That is one of the central points of the book, how people are forced believing that a world with no happiness, sadness, fear or courage is the best world to be present in. Room 101 really shows how some people have crumbled under their society and shows that emotion may be hidden, but it always present. Room 101 helps support the main themes of 1984 and it helps to show that the human mind can be easily broken. This aspect of torture a base for the book to be built on.

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    You'd almost think the CIA read it.

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