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Thread: Question?

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    I am sure this has been asked many times...

    But I can't help to wonder....

    Why are You/We here?
    what is our purpose?
    what is the meaning of life?
    Would like to know what You think.

    Everyone finds himself in the world where he belongs. The essential thing is to have a fixed point from which to check its reality now and then.
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    I've thought a lot about this too and come up with, what I hope, is quite a philosophical answer.
    If you think about the salmon swimming up river to spawn, and other such creatures that die once they've passed on their genetic material, then the meaning of life is to continue life. But then I factored in people who are unable or don't want to have children. If the meaning of life were to procreate then it's not very fair on them, because their lives wouldn't be worth living and that's just too harsh, especially if they have achieved or want to achieve something great. Achievements and such should to be factored in too.

    In the end I concluded that the purpose of life is life. To live and, hopefully, enjoy life. That's the best answer I could come up with.
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