A shard of light released me from
the darkness of the womb,
Into another daily flight
That led me to my tomb.

I raised my fist up to the light,
and cursed it where I stood.
Knowing the day would pass to night
as slowly as it could.

The day became a nightmare haze
and visions filled my eyes.
The empty lingering of life
Drew demons from the skies.

My dreams became the battle field
where life and death was fought.
And bartered with a piece of me
for every favor bought.

The sun became a demons eye.
and would not let me hide.
My shadow found a shadow there
where in it could abide.

The night became my evening cloak.
The Earth became my bed.
The stars became the fantasy.
That played out in my head.

The gloaming pulled the curtain back
from every demonís face.
Who laughed with glee in knowing that,
For me there was no grace.

The solace of the night became,
an altar for my prayers.
The echo of each prayer returned,
and cried that no one cares.

The evening cloak was cast aside,
I stood alone to hear
The judgment of my fantasies
And verdicts of my fear.

My name was written on a stone
behind a garden wall,
Beneath a tree whose shadow spread
beyond deaths unseen pall.