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Thread: fruits will be greenish year after year

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    fruits will be greenish year after year

    fruits will be greenish year after year

    This was written by me and published here:

    Sorry Valentine don't understand me wrong
    Sorry Valentine don't slash thy tongue
    Be soft Valentine the tassel I had put there
    Quench your thirst as much as you shed tear
    * * * *
    Sorry Valentine the sky is still blue
    Sorry Valentine still I love you
    Don't cry Valentine the hope is still near
    The fruits will be greenish year after year
    ** **
    Be ware Valentine, people shunt to another line
    Their sons and wives gloomily drink wine
    Sorry Valentine don't be sadist more
    The actual love is that of a safety shore
    * * * * *
    If you cry or don't cry the caravan goes ahead
    Moves or do not move the dead still dead
    Enjoy your life whether prison or curse
    No one with thy sorrow will rouse
    ** **
    Head me to my way still I am blind
    Sting my heart still it is kind
    Shed me by your tears to the border of limitless
    Quench my fever to die at peace
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