1- Dream at gloomy winter

Gust of wind rushed suddenly at my door.
My door totally was wide opened
I sat at my bed reading a poem
Bewildering to the sky spotted with clouds.
Once nights, the thief stole my hat.
And he drove away through the window.
I satisfied this is not the reason.
Why did the burglar come there?
Often I would go out,
Kindly I would visit my aunt.
Always I heed her particular behalf.
Once she sent to me a letter,
I was frustrated to find the answer.
Suddenly I jumped over my mat.
To pray for God beseeching Him help.
Surprisingly I hear footfall sounds.
None is in the house except of two birds.
One belongs to me other is not.
But when the sound was repeated again,
I pointed my stuffed gun to the roof
Hearing the birds do cry.
Picking my torch, I go to identify,
Seeing a large camel walks,
White or black I couldn't remember.
But its neck is too long
I was frightened of that spectacle
Gathering myself to enhance my response,
In a trice, the figure was totally vanished
Slept in my bed I do wrapping my head.
At down I have a dream
Two birds pecked one grain
The grain has a feeble shell.
Casting the quit away, I wish caught them
I viewed one letter under my bed,
I read it reluctantly once and again.
The letter was of unknown sender
But it was covered with paraffin wax.
I know the paraffin at once will melt.
And withstands no longer for heat
Revealing the riddle, I shout instinctively.
At soon the strange bird draws a picture.
Fitting its claws, it draws a single word.
The word means gloomy winter dream.

Poem 2

Mixed nuts:

One day I went to crackers seller.
To buy something for the guests,
I found the almonds and figs.
Besides many types of nuts,
Large and small, they were distributed.
They were in which do you call!
Earthnut and so over cashew,
Coconut and conker are for you.
Beechnut and horse chestnut,
Excuse me I couldn't remember more,
The vast subsidiary names and kinds
Although I preferred one type,
The firm crust is better of all them.
There are also the hazelnut and kernels.
Vegetable marrow is there and so on.
Sunflower's seeds also are edible.
Besides the watermelon red seeds,
The first one is cheaper of course.
But its shells hurt the mouth.
Boiling them with salt, they turn delicious.
Crackers often offered to guests after the meal.
Then you are a good hospitable in their eye.
Others do not desire to eat them.
Cautiously they preserve their teeth.
I preferred to drink unforbidden beverages.
Such as coffee, sherbet, juice and tea
If you are used to go to cinema with your friends,
You may favor to obtain your best flavors.
Such as the forementioned kernels and nuts
Then you spent hours amusingly correct.