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Thread: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

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    Cool Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

    So I am working on a test that I need to pass in order to graduate. I am having a hard time answering these 3 questions:

    1]Which word fits the following sentence?
    "Colonel Randall is usually do positive;however,he was________ everyone after the horse racing incident."
    a).praising b).censuring c). demanding d).interesting

    2].Explain the differences in Mr.Collin's letter to Mr.Bennet after Lydia eloped to the letter he sent after she was married.

    3].Lady Catherine and Mrs.Bennet are a lot like, but they also differ. Discuss how they differ. In your discussion, give at least two examples from their own behavior-not from the narrator's description or from the setting-that shows how Lady Catherine and Mrs.Bennet differ.

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    I- censuring because of ( however) which carries the contradictory meaning.
    2- How can we explain if we don't read or hear the story.
    3- The same answer of 2
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    We're not a homework service. Pride & Prejudice is neither long nor difficult, so give reading it a try. People tend to like it a lot.
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    I did read the book but I couldn't really see a difference between Lady Catherine and Mrs.Bennet because they both are h unbearable. As far as I can tell, Lady Catherine's behavior is tolerated because she is rich and of rank. If she were of the same fortune and station as Mrs. Bennet, she would not be granted the same leniency. It's entirely possible that one or the other of them displays some shining act of goodness that I've forgotten about that grants her superiority over the other.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mari69755 View Post
    I did read the book but I couldn't really see a difference between Lady Catherine and Mrs. Bennet because they both are unbearable.
    Lady Catherine is pompous and arrogant, and rather rude to perceived inferiors when it suits her. Mrs Bennet is little more than a harmless simpleton who wants to do well for herself and her daughters. She is likeable, if tedious.
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    Mrs. Bennet is an embarrasment to Elizabeth and Jane, rapacious in her quest to get her daughters married off ("Happy for Mrs. Bennet's maternal feelings was the day on which she got rid of her two most deserving daughters...", or something like that, from memory). However, just as Elizabeth should not always trust her own first impressions, neither should readers of Jane Austen's novels. The reality is that Mrs. Bennet is actually a better parent than Mr. Bennet, with whom the reader is invited to identify, given his droll wit and sly misunderstandings. However, Mrs. Bennet is maternal in her concern: what WILL become of her daughters if they do not get married? They will descend into poverty. Her obsession with marrying them off is a natural, maternal concern, given the times.

    Lady Catherine is also obsessed with marrying HER daughter off -- to Darcy, in fact. However, her obsession is less justified than that of Mr. Bennet. Anne is rich, and does not need Darcy's money. As far as we know, the De Bourgh estate is NOT entailed to Mr. Collins.

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    One of the difference that is omitted in the above threads is that Mrs.Bennet because of her stupidity and lack of better means is more vulnerable to schemes than Lady Catherine.

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