You Took My Breath Away

You came into my life and took my breath away.

Our minds met and shared longing and emptiness.

You breathed life into me, made me smile, and filled me up.

I am inspired by the vastness of your talents and skills.

You seduced me with words of love. I am smitten.

My passions are inflamed by your wit and your touch.

Each time we are together we sizzle more than the last.

When we are apart, I hunger for you in any form.

I want you more than I should. I miss you...more than you miss me.

Our laughter joins us and our silly thoughts and ideas feed each other.

Our imaginations run rampant and we weave fanciful ideas together.

We are giddy with laughter thinking about stories that we will never write.

When we are together, our bodies entwine with love, lust and honey dust.

Where are you, now?

I can not breathe but shallowly.

You took my breath away again.