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Thread: The Seasons of our Love

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    The Seasons of our Love

    On a soaring hawk's wing,

    distant vistas shadow;

    we hover over the precipice

    of our shielded tomorrows

    Two, yoked turtle doves

    in budding Spring; satin feathers

    nestle on virgin ground

    to incubate their desires

    Now, tweeting songbirds

    serenade the short Summer;

    through thin, golden veils

    libidinous portents swell

    Shortly, two searching Nightingales:

    braille in the dark, Fall night,

    rendezvous at the Primrose fork,

    peer into moth-drained well

    Later, two, scavenging crows,

    perched on a high wire,

    seek Nature's chaff

    to survive Winter's dearth

    In due course, two, clinging Robins,

    in all seasons tightly paired;

    the orange zest from each breast

    succors two, bleeding hearts
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