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    my novel - the dead sailor

    A dead sailor

    A novel

    Written and translated by

    Mohammad Mahmud Ahmad

    Mosul- Iraq

    Major characters:
    Ahmad the main character
    Hajji Jarjess Omar Rashid- the dead sailor
    The family of Hajji Jargess and his daughter:
    Abu Abbad – the furnace owner
    The humpbacked man- partner of Abu Abbad
    Temur- the Turkish sailor
    Wood company
    Turkish Court
    Hajji Abdullah
    Mullah Abd al Rahman

    Part one

    A ship had passed turning over its sail in the midst of the sea loading with thousand tons of iron and carried about fifty men over its deck, all of them were old, excepted one young man was wrapping his neck with a piece of azure-colored cloth, while his blackish eyes were glowing with bizarre sharp glances..
    One of the sailors came near to him saying:
    It is the time of sleeping Ahmad and you may go bed now.
    You should have a well rest due to an additional work still waiting us, and perhaps we will postpone it for another day until the storm calms then we shall unload the ship cargo in the harbour, which it is nearly tow hours, if we proceed our way in a less speed of yesterday.
    However, let us spend the night in the midst of this sea then we shall have the taste of fresh French fish with a little of what had we saved of parsley and pea soup.
    The time was about half past eleven p.m. according to Atlantic Time.
    The young man gave back the packet to his pocket after more than twenty times frequently had he opened in one day, saying in a faint voice:
    Why do we sell our goods to those riffraff people?
    Didn’t we have additional time to search for new customers?
    My son, still you are raw experience, still more matters you will see in the next days, yet you have only one year in this job, and it maybe you shall wait six years over until you become the lowest adviser to us. The expert old man of seventy years old replied to the young man….
    The young man sluggishly said:
    By God, what had you to do?
    Vainly you kill the time; you are just dotard olds have spent their days lazily without thinking but only to save a bit of bread you buy it, from the furnace of Abu- Abbad, which its front was burned five times in the past year….
    A baker who did not sell you breads unless you bought from him some of singed loaves of bread...
    Ah! Abu Abbad, the sluggish man of paunchy front abdomen!
    Many times, I wished to pierce his round paunch and to save the world from his fierce behaviour; but this man has a beautiful daughter who still helps him in his furnace even if she is growing up…
    Therefore, the passers would look to her attractively enjoying their eyes.
    Moreover, her father forbids her from going school and from marriage, saying:
    She may help him in handing loaves of bread for customers and let her doing for me advantages in gaining two dinars not to spend one dinar.
    The young man replied to the old man saying:
    Abu Abbad is a man who came from Ahvaz dwelling in Basra from one year and a few months ago.
    Abu Abbad is uncourteous man doesn’t communicate others and as soon as he finishes his work he goes immediately to the café close to his furnace, and always he carries a rosary between his hands which its price is more than twenty rials, someone had brought it to him from Khorramshahr….
    Due to his malicious temper, no one would sit close to him; therefore, this rosary is the only amusing device to him and the humpbacked man of thick eyebrows who works with him as a partner since he dwelled here…
    What is about the orchard then? The old man asked!
    Which orchard is it?
    The young man replies to him with a piercing confusion!
    The orchard your father possesses it in al- Zuber!
    Oh, don’t remind me in my father name, he hated my mother and usually has cursed her then he got another wife although my mother was one of his close relative and indeed she is her cousin. He left us early since we were small children….
    Won't he send her money? The old asked again…
    No, no, don’t poke your nose in others personal affairs, and this matter must not be mentioning again…
    Let's get sleep, and stop chattering, in morning we shall have an arduous hours….
    What a gossipy old man you are!
    You don’t cease from your embarrassing question unless you poke your nose in!
    The old man went snorting in deep sleeping as if he did not sleep from several months ago…
    Ugh! The old man, wake up! The sun is rising, the sailors start to operate the engines, and we shall be in the harbour past two hours not more…
    Hurry up and wash your face, the breakfast is ready….
    The old man got up and after a while, they were busy in eating over a single table was setting up between heaps of dried straws slowly inclined from the deck…
    Look! No one thinks to remove this heap of straws out…
    No, it has benefit for us… the old man replied
    What is the benefit it has, mercy of Allah upon thee?
    It is just dried straw and perhaps taking fire from a cigarette's fire causing a large fire…
    This straw, and the old man kept in silence in order to swallow a big piece of grilled fish had been hindered between his jaws…
    After he gulped a glass of water he took the other piece of fish stayed laying on the table and swallowed it, as if he ate nothing, then he turned to the young man, making himself didn’t hear the question saying to him "repeat what you said"…
    I said to you that the baker, who we spoke about yesterday, was died in poisoning two days before and left this poor girl working in the furnace alone between the noisy of customers and many of them would be deploring to her…
    She has been left alone, however her big sister was married from a trader of horses living in Esfahan, and hardly she came to visit her and even if she came, she would depart after three days of her visiting…
    Oh, I am sorrowful to the pity girl, she is overcome by her circumstances!
    Did her father leave to her any heritage other than this furnace?
    The old man asked…
    No, her father sold a half of the furnace to his partner the humpbacked man so that he could pay his old dues before he settled there in this area…
    Now the partner and his young son of sixteen years old are working together in the furnace with the daughter of the deceased man…
    The girl will work only until the noontime according to the agreement set between them, and it was said that the partner- the hunchback man the only friend to her father- now wants her to be the wife of his son who is hemiplegic in both his jaws….
    And what is about the girl?
    It was said that she got shock and left the work about two weeks ago, and her purpose is only to gather enough money perhaps she can leave to their native country in Esfahan or perhaps she will prefer to live with her elder sister…. That's her decision…
    The old man turned amazingly to the young man after he enjoyed his eyes in looking to the swarm of water birds, which come near to the shore and go back again….
    Why don’t you marry her? You have a lot of money since you are the son of the chief of the traders.
    No, no the matter is not so, I am very merciful about her, and never have I thought in marrying her…
    She is wretched girl and nothing is to say more…
    The old man starts into wiping his glasses and kept in horrible silence, then he stood up suddenly and said:
    Many years ago, I have spent my life among sea waves considering life is mere peculiar haphazardly occasions, but I discovered that life is not so and it is not a dump of delusion.
    Moreover, I did not have the taste of these moments before, and many times ago, vainly I sought for money since in each voyage I finished I came back frustrated, but let me tell you something after we will go to unload the ship…
    My father was….but he keeps silent once again and never has he opened his mouth….
    The young man was put in a very circle of confusion since the old man was suddenly died and three days after unloading the ship; all sailors were present in the funeral ceremony of the dead man their friend the old sailor who left four daughters and small boy yet does not reach his tenth age …
    While they were sitting in the home of the dead friend, the wife of the dead man who was garbing in black clothes asked them if she could know something about the reasons of her husband death.
    At a dinnertime, there was a big banquet has been set up inside the twisted lanes for many crowded people came for funeral ceremony.
    According to the customs of al-Basra citizens in olden days, neighbours will be gathered from all direction with their sons and wives to console their neighbour in death ceremony for their sadness, and to share them their delight in birth parties or in mirage parties …

    Part two…
    Ahmad's door has been knocked; and soon he went to open the door, but he felt somehow he was drowsy so he went to wash his face with cold water so that to be more conscious.
    Before of that occasion, he put his toothbrushes on the table against a mirror, was fixed in a hall, in which another entrance hall starts its gap to be down the ground in order to be as a secret refuge.
    Basra people used to do such secret refuges in order to hide themselves during the sudden breaking into raids of police; because of those secret places, no one will know its places except the house owner.
    Who knocks the door? Ahmad asked…
    The answerer was one of the recently dead man daughters whose name is Fatima…
    My mother calls you to be in our home now… she told Ahmad
    Ahmad put on his white robe, his old turban that his father left it for him and followed the girl to her house….
    Would you sit down Ahmad for a while because Fatima wants to know the secret of the story, which her dead father did not tell her?
    Hum, he didn’t say anything but the only thing I found in his pocket before we buried him, was just a paper mentioning the name of his friend sailor who was associated with him during an old voyage in al-Adriatic sea and I consider it was just an ordinary voyage…
    However, I shall investigate about the name of the sailor perhaps I can find new news has advantages about the purpose.
    Ahmad stood up after he was drinking a cup of coffee in the house of Fatima the coddled daughter of the old dead man sailor…
    Ahmad disappeared and hid himself from Fatima eyes for two weeks and again for two months …
    Accidentally, and in one hot day of July days, a group of old men sat in a summery café nearby the public garden.
    The café owner has rented a half of dunam from the municipality of the city intending to make from it a courtyard, but lately in the next year, he decided to take a part from it to be as a night casino.
    In addition to the tea, which was made over the firewood, he decided to prepare fishing slices and mutton slices so that dozen of people gathered to his casino from everywhere especially after recognized in him his good reception and the good taste of his grilling meat.
    Because of their pleasure, they would like to stay after a midnight hours especially at a summer time…
    Ahmad sat at that place, sipping small a cup of tea and inasmuch as he heard the crackling of saucers, he would like to call for another cup. Meanwhile of that he eavesdropped to the laughters that controlled on the night calmness….
    When Ahmad heard someone talks about the sea, he approached to be near to him perhaps he could hear new news, until he was satisfied that those old men have nothing is worthy to speak but only to talk about sea….
    In the second day Ahmad sat near to their table, they were five men totally worn by time.
    Ahmad noticed that one of the five men while he talks, he shakes his stick and it is as if the stick speaks not him…
    After the man finished his speech, Ahmad approached to be close to him….
    Don’t you hear my uncle by a name like this?
    Like what! The old man wondered!
    'Temur' is my uncle…
    The man was astonished when he heard the name Temur and it is as if a thunderbolt strikes down!
    The man whom this fellow was asking about was absent ten years ago, and the news about him totally was discontinued!
    After a while, the old man sailor adjusted on his place and began to look carefully to the young man who was still sitting near to him and said:
    Perhaps, you are one of his relatives, due to your appearance, which reveals that you are a sailor, but I shall tell you the truth if you tell me frankly, who you are….
    Are you not the son of Master (Faris Harmoot) the wealth man?
    Yes, I am whom you meant my uncle indeed! I am the son of the wealth man and I work in a ship carrying the goods…
    In that case, I shall tell you what I know about the man perhaps I can help thee…
    He is a man of a middling tall, in his face and under his chin, there is an old trail of wound caused by a knife when they wanted to cut his neck one day but he was miraculously survived by the will of God.
    Rightly he was of supernatural intelligence, he has lived in Ankara in a quarter is called Seraphim of Ahmad Sergeant, and never I think he departed the place since he lives among his relatives and his cousins in this area which it is considered as a closed place for them…but
    I would ask you, what do want from him?
    I think the man still keeps his friendly relationship to me; moreover, you may inform him my salutation and take with you this rosary as a gift from me to him if you actually decide to go in your mission.
    Again, you may remember to tell him that the rosary is from his old friend sailor whose name is "Abu Abd"…the Hajji Abu Abd the sailor.
    May Allah bless you my uncle, I am very glad that I met you, and about Temur there is another one who asks about him, but the young man didn’t say anything about the secret story…..
    However, Ahmad felt that it is as if dream he has seen one night, and he methought his vision is flashing back to an olden warriors of Ottoman Empire but nothing was disclosed about him in books or through people tongues….
    It is as if an unreal story has been mentioned that an Iraqi man became very rich while he fought with the Turkish army before British invaded Iraq in 1914, but the remains of that memory as if it was put over an old shelf!
    Ahmad surrendered to the sleepless that was controlling in his profound thoughts until the next morning in his bed….
    In the second day, Ahmad traveled to Ankara looking for Temur…
    After he arrived, he started to search in the area in which he can find the man or just news about him whether alive or dead…
    After one day or two days, he reached the first trace of hope about the lost man, and after Ahmad approached from a group of thronged men were about to do their prayer of past evening, he prayed with them and when they went out of the mosque he entered in the midst of them and went on.
    In the last moment, he heard one of them has said:
    Let's visit Temur!
    The man who mentioned the name of Temur was a tall man, white face with spots of paleness around his eyes and it is obvious from his visage that he is a man of influence….
    Ahmad approached to the man to be very near to him, and overtly he whispered in his ears saying some words in Turkish language not free from some mistakes since he has learned a few of it though listening…
    My uncle, I am from Iraq and I have brought letter to a man, his name is Temur, and I think he is the man who you mentioned his name before some minutes….
    Please lead me to him because I am in a very significant duty to find him and to ask about his news….
    After the Turkish tall man was sure from Ahmad, he took his hand accompanying with other throng to the house of Temur, but before he knocked the door, he remembered that Temur was in a worse health, so he asked Ahmad to be his guest in that night and in the next morning, he will guide him to Temur house…
    Ahmad was shocked in a little embarrassment, but he remembered that he was in a very fast duty and it is unable to be delayed, hence he replied to the man in great politeness thanking him for his kindness saying to him:
    My uncle, I am in a very urging obligation, in addition, tomorrow morning I shall return home, and he handled the message along with the rosy rosary…
    After a while, they reached Temur's house but as son as they entered the house they saw a crowd of people assembling there, the man controlled on himself not to speak any word until he would know the fact of what has happened!
    The man whom they came to ask about was an old man in last stage of his age, his family and his close relatives had put around him and under him, many pads and other restful services in order to be in a good position.
    Behind these unusual means of services, it can be seen a visage of a pale face, tall beard, thick eyebrows of an old man was worn out by years in many wrinkles clearly had been seen in his face and his neck…
    As a result of the old man was affected by cancer, he was obliged to stay in bed for a long time…
    However, when he heard the noises as soon he asked about the lately visitor, so the attendants around him when they saw him was urging to know they told him the truth and gave him the message of Abu Abd- his old friend Iraqi sailor.
    At once, the very sick man stood up in his bed in spite of his severe pains and his exhausted body to welcome the arrival guest but hardly can he speak, due to the cancer, which consumed his body…
    Welcome uncle… the young man welcomed him with a pitiful voice, meanwhile they read upon him the message ….
    He didn’t deny the reality of the circumstance because he knows Abu Abd very well as he still remembering the long years he wasted useless wandering in a spaceless life and the memory gave him back to the time when they spent night after night between the waves of the seas…
    He remembered all of that time as a twinkling of an eye and when he picked up the rosary of the rosy beads between his hands the memory came up to his mind cleverly …
    He remembered in exact details when he himself granted the old sailor Abu Abd this rosary as a present forty years before….
    Yes, the story is too long; they worked together in a wood trading about a quarter century of time….
    Yes, many time they passed by Anatolia, Izmir, and many time they have spent their nights in the homes and cottages of farmers they passed by.
    Still he is remembering the day when they were taken suddenly by a cover of dense mist then reluctantly they sailed toward Malta in the time fierce civil war was about to breakout there…
    Indeed that sailor is close friend to me, yes, I am indebted to him, yet I am keeping to him an important trust, but because of the news about him was totally discontinued, I did not know what to do….
    The man traveled and settled in Russia for many years and his bad news had reached me that the man confronted his fate in a quarrel targeting him, and he was lost as that lost priceless pearl…
    O, misters and noble men I am indebted to the man with four hundred thousand Francs as a trust, I have invested all the trust in one of the largest wood companies in Ankara, and now its profits are more than million Francs, I am in what you trusted me misters! Not a while and he kept in silence for a moment but the only thing he did he waved with a slight gesture from the end of his head referring to the old documents and instruments over the shelf to be brought ….
    These evidential confidence papers held my name and the name of Hajji Jargess Omar Rashid, you may witness on that…
    O, misters you should be witnesses that indeed, I do pay the trust to their owners and indeed, I did my obligation, as it is almost debt…
    Come in and signature …. The moribund man requested them and pushed the papers to the young man who came to ask about the debts…
    O, my son this is the trust, from now you who is responsible about it, the trust from now is in your shoulder…
    O, misters, you may witness in what you have seen, and no more few seconds and he departed the life in a pleasant eye….
    After three days and after the funeral ceremony has been finished, Ahmad went ahead to the certain company associated with him all the trusted documents and he handled it immediately to the authorized deputy in front of the lawyer of registration and inheritances, all deputies there have signed on papers according to the rules…
    A few seconds and the recognition of the company is declared overtly that nine thousand Francs are put in the current account, but they said, you cannot receive the money as cash, but we shall transfer it for you if you confirm to us that you have opened dependable bank account in your country….
    Ahmad returned home empty- handed deciding to open an account in one of Basra banks and if not that, he will consult the notary public and the legal authority in his country…
    In the evening of a day before returning, he went to visit the shipbuilding place, which it is situated nearby Izmir bay, to see whether he can make utilities. In his way, he noticed an Iraqi visitor came to the same purpose and it is a good occasion to be acquainted with one another…
    In evening, they had a dinner together in one of luxuriant hotels that is overlooking on the sea, and they spent a good time in listening to some dancing musical phrases, since it is obviously seen that a big party by chance was held by a great character farmer who came there in duty visiting like them…
    The warm sound of the music controlled on the place and upon the views of the street, which always it has the calmness, if not the nosey sound of the fireworks, which were sent up from time to time…
    The two strangers said; as still we have a waste of time, let's taking the occasion to save for ourselves such amusement and to share the celebrated people even in our attending….
    They approached near and near to the meeting place until they are about to hear the whispering of chests arousing the cordial views and generally the place was charged with delight and happiness…
    Ahmad was handsome young man, of two clear-eyed, wearing a fitting black suit…
    There amid the party of the thronged attendants, a blond girl has put a green shawl covering her body to her feet, occasionally she threw her glances to see if three is a new comer between the attendants would admire her…
    Ahmad didn’t know why she looked and he thought perhaps the girl has lost something or perhaps she waits a fellow may come after. The matter is to him nothing but he noticed that the girl is talking with a strange European accent and nothing motived him in the occasion only this curiosity in knowing more…
    The girl was in a large scale of gracefulness; her smiling face enters in the hearts the happiness…
    Ahmad approached to her foot after foot and talked with her in the same accent asking her if he could offer her at least simple services he could do.
    The girl soon answered him, with a wide smile, which it knocked him down at once, leading him to be more close to her until he felt that his body was totally rubbed against her and said to her, "we are altogether strange people here and who is thus may consider others feeling"….
    Indeed, the girl was cunning girl; but Ahmad has not anything to be fearful about, since he will travel tomorrow to his country.
    Moreover, he considered the matter is just transient memory never will be prolonged; but the thing that draws his attention, is the girl from time to time sent her gestures to someone was there in the party, therefore, his curiosity motivated him to know the reason, but he did not touch any thread of hope.
    After a while, he saw the girl was kissing an old woman, he thought she was the girl's mother or someone is close relatives to the girl….
    Just a few seconds had been passed, someone asked her to dance with him, and she winked Ahmad by her two eyes and went on dances….
    The real story of this girl is that she was affiliated to a big gang of human organs smuggling and through attracting youth people for a certain place then to bind them and lastly is to pulling out their bodies the desirable organ forcedly.
    In the next trip he did, he was sure enough about the imagined story he thought in because he saw the girl's pictures in a famous newspapers….
    The party was finished and Ahmad might leave now to be ready in the next morning since he set his order in advance for going back…
    Ten days after, Ahmad was in Basra streets walking between his fellows who congratulated him for his coming back safely because of the condition somehow was bad in that time, moreover they feared upon him due to the way robbers and the gangs of mountains….
    Ahmad did not forget the visiting of Abu Abd the sailor to thank him…
    While Ahmad was worry- minded to open an account, at once the news came to him to be ready for a new voyage this time to Bombay.
    Therefore, Ahmad could not set any commercial in an official newspaper because he was overtaken by the event suddenly and the round trip- voyage to Bombay will last exactly thirty days, meantime Ahmad did not stop from prying to God to return him well so that he can give back the trust to their owners…
    Instantly had he arrived, he began seeking virtually in finding a commercial agent against certain fee payment then he will draw the entire sum of the trust in three stages…
    All these arrangement Ahmad planed without informing the family of Hajji Jargess Omar Rashid, and he wanted the matter to be as sudden good news; but the news reached them in advance by Hajji Abu Abd before he told them…
    When they did not hear the news from Ahmad, the family of Hajji Jargess went directly to sue against Ahmad, accusing him that he betrayed them and he stole their money….
    The prosecutors did not believe the news firstly saying:
    "It is just fabricated accusation because truly we know this person never will deceive and he is the son of a wealthy family and never will he distort his fame since he made from himself a messenger of charity in going abroad mere to ask about the money of those poor people"…
    "Ahmad needs to be ready at once for the new voyage"!
    Due to many petitions, the judge was obliged to summon Ahmad, and he imprisoned him four days according to the investigation lawsuit, but after the court was sure from his sayings and from the truthful receipts, he brought, the judgment complied with him carefully, and discharged him according to the bail set before the court by one of Ahmad's relatives….
    Meanwhile of that the family of the dead man whose money was trusted in the Turkish company expressed about their apology sorrowfully saying, "We haven’t any doubt into Ahmad"
    After this occasion, Ahmad decided not to give back the money, but after the urging of the court and the requesting of some witnesses attended there, Ahmad reluctantly has agreed…
    Ahmed went out the Supreme Court, which it is situated in the right side of the city, and he was obliged to pass through the narrow lanes that led to the shrines of some righteous men wishing to spend some money for the sake of Allah to the poor families dwelled nearby the shrines….
    The first man Ahmad met him was a shabby clothes old man in a sixty six of his age often he gained his livelihood from the heap of rubbishes into gathering the empty soft metallic and plastic discarded cans and after washing them carefully he sold them for a scrap dealer.
    The old man of shabby clothes who Ahmad met has a wife whose name is Blakes who she is an old wretched woman of merciless sharp tongue used to annoy her neighbour.
    Moreover, her whimsical behavior leads her to conduct bizarre conducts, such as to opposite children who came in front of her house, and as soon as she saw a child wearing new attire; she came to him suddenly cutting a small piece from the lower part of his attire…
    She gathered two middle sacks from these unusual haphazard things, and when people asked her:
    What do you do with these pieces?
    She replied sarcastically, I make trouser to my small son!
    What son does that miserable have?
    One of them replied in coolness, yes, misters, it was said that she had a son!
    It was said that her son when his age was fifteen years was swallowed by a blue whale, which came near the sea margin, while he was fishing.
    Others said that he was killed, and some others have said once he got poverty he opened his father purse picking one dinar from it and moved to Baghdad, until now he does not return, and from ten years ago, the wretched woman still waits her lost son considering him is still alive….

    Part three….

    Ahmad starts to think seriously about his second expectant journey to the Turkish wood company as he decided before but to postpone it for the end of the fifth month because of the weather yet is cold in Turkey; moreover, he has severe pains in his joints.
    Therefore, he waits perhaps the snows will be melted, and the clod days of winter will be finished, knowing that sometimes the days of winter prolong to the end of May especially in Turkey…
    The means of transportation seemed uncomfortable in those bygone years in the early years of twentieth century thus the traveling was too difficult. The feature of snow in that time was familiar everywhere even in the desert areas.
    Ahmad waited his trip day after day and in meanwhile of his waiting days, he spent his time in going to the seashore accompanying with his fellows in order to spend cordial evening times.
    One day while they played near the shore, they saw a boat was rocking between the sea waves, they waited for several moments perhaps the waves pushed the boat for the edge….
    One of them climbed over the boat side to see what it is carried, and as soon as he looked down, he saw a man was injured by many stabs of knife, but he considered the man is still alive, so they had to consult between themselves whether they could save the man life or not…
    Some of them said, let's throw him in the sea, others said let's go and let the fate acting as it wants, but Ahmad didn’t accept them the opinion and said, we must relive him….
    While they were busy to get the man down from the boat a patrol of seashore guarders came suddenly to the place and when they saw the young men were busy, immediately the patrol moved toward them to see what has happened…
    As the petrol was about to reach them, one of Ahmad's fellows hurried and shouted, "I am not the killer", therefore the petrol came and the guarders arrested all the attendants including the injured and took them forcedly to their headquarter to be jailed until the injured man would be cured….
    A moth after the injured man was cured and he confessed in front of the police that no one of those is his enemy so they were discharged at once….
    Past the aftermath of that misshapen event, Ahmad decided not to go again, and he found another amusing job is to sell rosaries and another small things like in the market and said with himself, let me wasting time in this craft until the appointment of my travel.
    One day when Ahmad was busy in his new job, the humpbacked man-the partner of Abu Abaad, the baker- came to his place and as soon as he saw him, he mocked at him saying:
    Is it the son of a well-known trader now selling the rosaries?
    Ahmad didn’t pay him attention because he was busy in arranging one of his loosened rosaries, but when was prolonged in his stooping, Ahmad requested him to sit down, but immediately something sprang forth into his mind to ask him about the daughter of the dead baker whether she traveled for Isfahan to her sister or not.
    Oh! Why do you ask about her? I see that you are in love with her!
    No, no, do not construe the matters in its black corners!
    She is mere miserable poor girl…
    What had she committed?
    What had she committed? The humpbacked repeated the question!
    She stole me and fled! She stole all what I have gained from gold, jewels, amethysts, and all ornamented clothes I had brought to her in the might of wedding…
    Ugh! If only…, and he kept silent for a while, hardly has he drawn his breathing…. Ah if only I were!
    Ahmad understood the man feeling who forced the poor girl in marrying from the humpbacked himself this time and not from his son, as it is previous stated, and only God would know what threat had he compelled her to be his wife… I know how she is clever witty girl, it is impossible to be overcome easily…, and he laughed into himself secretly saying to the humpbacked man:
    You are worthy to!
    For what thing I am to!
    Yes, you would deserve a cup of hot tea!
    Ahmad used to come frequently to the bazaar until he was familiar to all people had visited the place, moreover many prestigious men would come thee such as the heads of tribes so he was in high confidence level to many of them.
    In addition, he would say to himself, let's look! It maybe this craft is better to me than to confront the risks of sailing and its dark way inside the seas until he was about to forget the appointment of his trip…
    Before his trip appointment, Ahmad shall be in readiness for at least two weeks before in order to determine the way direction, therefore Ahmad had asked many question if there was any ship would sail, but when he did not find such voyage across the gulf he decided to go in land trip.
    When the appointment had come, Ahmad traveled to the northern part of Iraq and from there he will pass the Turkey borders with the caravans he finds there and it maybe he will not depart the Iraqi borders for a month after of his arrival….
    Ahmad meets one of his fellows in Abraham al-Khalil- the border Iraqi city from Turkey side- and he stayed in his friend home for a week with a good hospitality until one caravan was ready to go. The caravan consisted of seven men and two women they had arrived from different places and they decided to pass the borders secretly then they had to ask about their relatives in the adjacent area perhaps to find shelter and help, and then they ought to continue their way as they want….
    They stayed in a village not far away more than two miles from the borders and in the early hours of night of the third day they went on….
    All of them had spoken the Kurdish language, knowing no Arabic letter, except Hajji Abdullah who talked with him from time to time, in order not to be weary, and for several times he would say to him:
    I shall marry you Ahmad from the beautiful one since you are handsome therefore your lovers might be too much!
    Ahmad would laugh at each occasion he passed and nothing rather laugh could console him to forget his sorrow inasmuch as he was accustomed to this merciless difficult life…
    Oh, Ahmad what life hides to thee? It is full of with traveling and wearisome days. If only you had got wife and you had family and sons…
    It maybe now your children growing up and could help thee…if only you had married your uncle daughter who was engaged with you before ten years ago, but when your uncle noticed that you are not in love with her, he wedded his daughter to a strange man from al-Kuwait….
    O, time, how merciless and gloomy you are!
    Ahmad still in his deep profound though, until he heard someone called in his name….
    Don’t you eat Ahmad? The meal is ready, and the sound this time came from the blond short figure Kurdish woman calling him in Kurdish language, but he understood, yes, he understood well, he is just a straw in this loss! However, the warm voice turns him homesick…. He stood up and doing his ablution before he ate….
    Let us my brothers doing our prayer in a group….
    One of the two women was astonished when she saw Ahmad hid a red pouch under the lining of his shirt containing pictures of his family and something of his personal requirements and a special picture belongs to his sister the dentist….
    He answered the wonder of the woman by his colloquial language that this picture is to his sister, whom they had grown together as a twin, and she was the sister who always brought the delight to his soul and always would she say:
    I fear that one day comes and I miss thee Ahmad! She said that saying when she was in the sixth class of her primary school.
    However, what shall I do to time?
    What are about you Ahmad? I see that you are wiping out your tears!
    It seems as if you are sad! … the short blond woman was sorrowful to him!
    Do you want me helping you to get marriage? Hajji Abdullah this time is the speaker…
    Come on and bring the food I think Ahmad got hunger!
    Hajji Abdullah calls….
    Every time Ahmad raises the spoon up to his mouth as if he sees the vision of his sister in the spoon waving to him….
    Yes, that is the picture of my beloved sister! She is the sister who was beaten and deceived by life misfortunes indeed….
    She was died in a sorrowful accident in the night of her wedding to a doctor from al- Bahrain who was one of the graduated students of her college and of her same year when they had studied together in England….
    Yes, she was died in a car accident and who run over her by his car is her cousin – the son of Sheikh Agag, and 'I didn’t know whether the events always come accidentally or were written before we saw the light of this life'!
    The caravan all together was very cordial that made him forgetting his griefs and his strangeness…
    In the twenty-six of May, they arrived and Ahmad shall depart now alone….
    He thanks them for their good company and for their kindness…
    Hajji Abdullah replied to him; don’t terminate your news to us at all, and I wish you came every summer to visit us and if you didn’t find wife, I shall marry you from one of these women….
    Hajji Abdullah anyhow wants to joke with Ahmad to bless him!
    After the fourth day of continuing travel, Ahmad reached the shores of Izmir and immediately he dwelled in one of the hotels in a city was adjacent to the gulf of Izmir…
    Yet Ahmad remembered that Hajji Abdullah has a close relative in a city not far away from his hotel and if walked on his feet he will reach it in four hours not more.
    In the next morning, although Ahmad still was tired, he woke up early, went ahead to the cafeteria, and drank a cup of milk...
    After he sat in the garden, which it is not too far from the cafeteria, some youthful workers passed by the place and shouted to him thinking that he was their fellow sat there waiting them in the roadbed but in mistake…
    O, lazy boy, stand up, come on, you make thyself foolish and joking with us ….one of the workers shouted to him.
    When Ahmad sat silent without replying one of them approached to him and hit him by the shovel shakingly he held in his hands, but the event made them put in sudden confusion when the man replied to them in Arabic language and they were sure he was not their friend….
    They said, "We are sorry" and we consider that you are our fiend and by mistake we did that, repeatedly they apologized expressing their sorrow again....
    In addition they were more surprising, when Ahmad told them he was looking for a man -is one of the relative of Hajji Abdullah- whose name is Mullah Abd al Rahman, who is a man is familiar to them….
    If the matter is so, we shall help you and now you can accompany with us in addition, we shall guide you to the place since our way is to the same direction….
    When they reached the certain city, they guided him to the near sign not far away from the certain man house who Ahmad is asking about then they apologized again saying we are workers and if we delayed we will miss the work and without working no bread shall we eat…
    Ahmad thanked them and went on his way until he reached the grocery woman owner, which they told him about, and from that grocery, he knew the certain place he looked for, but the man whom he asked about was not in his house in that time because he traveled and will not return less than one month …
    When Ahmad knocked the door, the sons of that man allowed him to be their guest since they felt it is disgrace and shame upon them if their father would know later and his sons didn’t offer to the guest a good hospitality, moreover, he is strange man, and it is awful matter to be annoyed….
    After Ahmad took the dinner with them, he asked them if they allowed him to leave back saying to them, the only thing I want is to find someone can guarantee me in the court of the district about the case I seek for and perhaps it is not necessary then I need nothing…
    When the sons of that man- the relative of Hajji Abdullah- heard what Ahmad said, two of them escorted him to the court…
    Ahmad entered the court and all the confident authorized papers and documents to him from the family of the dead man "Temur" were ready to be seen by the court, moreover all papers were signed and sealed by the Iraqi legal authority according to the law….
    Now he would tell the court how the company of wood treated him dilatorily against all of these truthful documents…
    He would tell them how the company rejected to hand him the money unless in transferring method, and it is as if the company of wood tried to save additional time to delay the time of the money receiving for the purpose of its own investment….
    The court dealt with him carefully after the two witnesses are ready there and it is necessary to bring witnesses according to their procedural judiciary in Turkey courts especially with foreign lawsuit complainers…
    Ahmad finished his complaining to the court that was responsible and undertook on its shoulder all juridical disputes in the area including the wood company, and when the judge examined the case, he sent his order to the wood company to be notified….
    The dispatching order is clear to give the right for the Iraqi man and if not that, the wood company will be responsible about the delay and will be submitted to the court verdict…
    Ahmad stood up thanking them to their good judgment and after four day, he informed the wood company about his new place, and within one week, the company sent to him for his place one of its deputies to settle the case …
    Now they resumed the negotiation without any stipulations saying to him now you can change the account of the trust to your name and whenever you want, the disposal right is under your behalf…
    Ahmad in this time agreed on the new stipulations when he saw all the cheques could be converted into his name without problems.
    As Ahmad found himself was free from his burdens he went directly to the place of shipbuilding, which it is about four miles far from the hotel, he dwelled in, and he ordered them to build for him a new ship as his desire….
    The design of Ahmad's ship was going to be terminating as far as possible in a few months since he promised the workers to give them a good reward…
    Ahmad had related many stories to the family of Mullah Abd al Rahman in many times he had visited the family before….
    Always he would tell them about her personal affairs and about his country, such as he told them one day he was the son of a well-known trader in Basra and the chief of his tribe so his relation with those Turkish people developed to be in well relationship…
    Inasmuch as Ahmad related to those Turkish people, his stories about Iraq and the shrines of the righteous men and about the ancient historical landmarks in Iraq such as: Babylon, Ur and Nineveh, those people there turn excited to visit Iraq until the friend of Hajji Abdullah the Mullah Abd al-Rahman said to him:
    "My family will escort thee when your ship is completed"….
    Moreover, they spoke about their yearning to see Baghdad and other Iraqi cities and about the visiting of the sacred religious places such as the shrine of Yunus Prophet in Nineveh…
    Always they would express their astonishment in each time Ahmad was ready to answer their questions about the motivating stories he related to them about Iraq cities since Iraq map always is ready in his memory especially the Iraqi cities that are adjacent to the rivers….
    Ahmad had related to them also about some ancient events such as to speak about the war of, Cein al-Thuban that happened between the Iraqi warriors and the British Forces which invaded Iraq during the World War 2, and how the British casualties were enormous…
    However, when they asked if he was married or not and whether he has sons or not, he kept speechless while his eyes were drowned with tears, they only thing he could reply, it is a matter of fate and the circumstance did not give him occasion to find the desired prestige woman he sought for…
    In an evening, a knock was heard at the door and in fact, he was the Hajji Abdullah – the friend of Mullah Abd-al Rahman family who came this time to be their guest…
    All of them have welcomed him, the first question he asked is about Ahmad, and they told him that Ahmad tomorrow would be here….
    The second night witnessed a joy never has been seen reunifying all friends in the same time and all of them would cuddle his fellow gladly and their gathering witnessed very thrilling stories, and of course Hajji Abdullah always would like to repeat the same question:
    Don’t you marry yet?
    All of them would drown in laughter from the excitement moment.
    Not a long time they sat down and Hajji Abdullah said to Ahmad:
    I would marry thee from one of my relative and you should not flee from our hands this time since you are the good husband we wished to be for our girls….
    Ahmad replied, my uncle; I am the man who his passion always is within sea and who is in love with sea never will love women …
    Sea has wide cover and splendid and its charms exceeds the woman charms, and if I decide to marry, I shall not travel and I shall stay in home and this glad aspect I will loose, furthermore I am accustomed to long traveling period and to be out of home for one year or two years.
    Moreover, woman cannot wait her absent husband more than two months…
    Hajji Abdullah replied to him with a smile whispering:
    We shall find to thee the suitable solution!
    After a few days, the ship was ready to sail, all its machines were working successfully, and the ship was in its better charming look…
    Immediately Ahmad sought for sailors by the help of Hajji Abdullah and the Mullah Abd al-Rahman…
    In the twenty-six of September he went on his sailing across the ocean returning to Basra accompanying with the family of Mullah Abd al-Rahman after they had accomplished all their legally documents of travel….
    The chances agreed to be an Iraqi trader there was looking for a ship to load his goods, which included dresses and oils, toward Basra harbour; therefore, the voyage has a good auspicious occasion Ahmad did not expect at all….
    When the voyage reached the Gibraltar Strait, Ahmad looked around while a teardrop was shed out of his eyes saying:
    If only we burnt our ships not to burn our borders!
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    my poem today \ Mesopotamia is my country the triumphant

    Mesopotamia is my country the triumphant

    Poem is poetized by


    Iraq- Mosul

    From its sacred water, if only I washed my eyes
    Then I shall have clever sight luckily optimize…
    Under its palm trees, if only I could shelter
    Then I could repose there enjoying the nature
    Its magic nights could tell you how the mystery is!
    Otherwise, its riverbanks would tell how the joy is!
    Its peoples always are generous and tolerant
    They pardon the sinner unless he is arrogant.
    Neither coward people they are nor criminal.
    A peaceful nation when the peace sets up its panel
    The glory always would greet them willingly…
    Its ancient landmarks would relate a true history
    A civilization prolonged for seven thousands years before…
    It is credible that Iraq resembles the prehistory door…
    It witnessed Babylonia and Assyria empires the well known.
    In Sumer and Akkad, the good warriors were born.
    Their temples still witness such as a ziggurat in Nippur…
    It would greet Marduk by its cuneiform writing letter…
    That's my country and I should be proud to tell…
    Browny graceful desert never would be pale…

    *** **** ***** ****
    That's my country is the triumphant across years….
    Mesopotamia it is called since the history dawn…
    One day its ruler was called the king of four cardinal points
    A sunny day's country wherever you go you would see
    Many water sources it has its water could heal sickness.
    Even there is a water source could heal the jaundice
    Its ground is arable and yielding when it was plowed …
    Rainy crops such as wheat and barley can be well sowed
    Its petrol is streaming like the flowing blood in veins
    A country itself is flower! Why do you look for flower?
    Praise is to God who blesses us with these favours…
    A first country that taught others reading and writing…
    That's my Iraq never shall I betray or squander.
    My Iraq is in my however I am sleepy or awake
    Every city of it not I bargain even with a heaven.
    Let me say that its purity never has been seen.
    Like a virgin in her boudoir would take a nap…
    Do not blame if I would say no country but Iraq.
    It is between my ribs settled in a sober peace…
    My Iraq is the moon others would be its sibling stars…
    A people ascend the sky to be their throne…

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    understanding life MMA- poems

    Understanding Life

    Verses written by


    Behind the night veils, he steals my eyes
    Once I met him, as a bird he flies
    In that mountainy gap, hardly I drag my feet
    Everything I saw there; is just lies…
    Swampy desert land had told me more…
    Associating friends sometimes turn bore
    As a chronic wound it would be then
    If not causes death it causes sore…
    To understand life well you should not mourn
    Look! To its verdant shadows at each morn…
    Life is odious if you don’t challenge fates…
    Sometimes it is desirous as a thriving corn…
    To my good deed, never I see you thank.
    If you are a bird like, you will come back …
    In my emotion, you may not lark…
    Don’t be wild, but, you may obey and hark
    That's what I said to you is mere justification…
    You may not stop at a limit of your prediction
    Enjoy in life, however it gives you desire…
    For time swings, you must take caution
    That is my life never have I looked after...
    Anyhow, it comes, never have I got bother.
    Allah guides us as our fates are going forth…
    Therefore, we may obey Him in each matter...
    Suddenly I was shaken from ominous news
    Life is full of with jealous and foes….
    Nothing I claim but to live in peace
    A simple matter is the applicable to use…
    No evil shall remain nor guaranty hope…
    To keep with this is to loose the robe…
    Come in and calm thy soul in my verses
    Lion never will steal the chickens' coop…

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    Leaves of autumn - MMA - poems

    Leaves of autumn

    Special poem written by

    Mohammad Mahmud Ahmad

    O, lover who confined my way
    As a faded flower, the wind blows it away
    My eyes become sunken and drown deeply
    Sleepless nights damage them day after day

    Their caravan moved suddenly to the west
    I stand by the door scratch my wrist
    My elbow becomes necrosis since they leave
    Sometimes I open and close my fist
    * * * *
    Are you friend still desperate like me?
    Feel sad, cannot you see?
    O, flower, how many times the nightingale perches over
    Becomes dry and float away in the sea
    * * *
    Sixteen years I have opened my door
    Waiting your vision to come across the shore
    A gust of wind suddenly removes the trail
    The road is muddy and the mountain is hoar
    Yes, we are friend since long ago
    Due to trivial thing, he becomes my foe
    We neither challenge others nor betray
    But he stabs me on day in the zoo
    He swore and confirmed his oath
    Said that he is truthful henceforth
    But the betrayal snuck on him deep
    Snaked and stabbed me in my prime youth
    Let me tell you who is he
    It is the crucial time not she
    If it goes away never comes again
    As if the lock which looses its key

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    Society of Satan- short story

    Society of Satan

    Mohammad Mahmud Ahmad ( MMA)
    Iraq- Mosul

    In June 1984 I was gathering my packages of several stuffs which are mostly randomly stretched disarranged alongside the street waiting an actually forthcoming bus, which is accustomed to pass there later than other busses. The time of course is too hard for waiting more. That it is the last of June. Of course Basra and especially Faw district has much hotter summer than other districts of Iraq. Although I was wearing heavy clothes rather to put them inside packages, however, I feel that as a matter of security, but when the night began to darken and the sky was bright by stars, I felt that something was danger and queer so I left the weapon in the side of my hand putting my finger on the trigger, having left a few yards between myself and the road. Suddenly strange idea jumped to my mind; why do I stand there in hallucination? Why I don't forget the trifling opposition inside my soul? Why I do that carelessly? Why do not tell him frankly? Of course he is my friend, and we have living on the same period of youth in the course of brotherhood village, working on the tools at harden days and nights , having swim every last day of summer in the river which is adjacent the farm of his uncle.
    One day he called me; please pal, usually his tongue was firing a shell of curse after- curse. Why his uncle didn't approve upon marrying him his daughter!? The matter is too simple then, one quit or two, three or four mats, chickens room containing several parts or chicken-cages always made of mud. In addition to small cottage or zareba for cattle which they are not more than tow oxen specified only for tillage when they put on together in one yoke, and the house mostly is a narrowed space too little to peach the conversation, surrounded by a little space of ground on its backside to store the excess or the extra stuffs such as barrels and water reservoir as well as two or three mangers to feed animals, that's so and so in anyway is a simple life without never modernity of our contemporary days.
    He speaks to me as he feels something was being wrong anywhere. The girl whom he loves was at sixteen of age, small nor big of body, her slim flesh revels to us as she was older, because she was too busy, consumed and exhausted up of her nose in the affairs of the burden living style, the only daughter of her father.
    He replies to my question as someone who looses the sense of hearing, although of that kept in silence.
    Why do that my friend!? The life is not too hard to pick yourself in just totally minute of thrilling purposes or stabbing your hand by such tool of self- torture.
    Awhile, awhile we soon reconcile the state between you and your uncle.
    You are not a poor man to cover yourself with a limit of personification; you are a great deal of pragmatic to put yourself in confusion, you aren't lost!
    Thrive, thrive, and smoke!
    I give him one cigarette, while we are dropping our foot to the near cottage beside the river.
    If the matter is pertaining to money only, I shall borrow you thousand shillings or more.
    Be quite, be quite!
    He suddenly sobs in tears as a child. I take his hand while I am striking the stove.
    Here is the tea dear pal.
    He snatched the cup as a crazy with his left hand, the matter that his right hand was amputated in sudden raid of our enemy at frontline battle-field of south Iraq.
    He was with me when the enemy shot their heavy weapons and their arterially had burst upon our trenches.
    Two battery missiles burst nearer to me then I see nothing.
    The commander shouted to me hurry up, hurry up; they are two thousands or more.
    He was there blooded to his mouth, nothing to dress him.
    The factor of time is crucial, fatal, and conclusive.
    We are there only figures of guardianship of petrol reservoirs and unexpectedly were betoken to the frontline after fifteen days of drills.
    The matter is not a game of backgammon. The matter is nation and Home.
    I expect that maybe got dying before reaching the nearer hospital.
    We shot the fire; however, we had limited ammunitions, but our friendly comrades fired them hardly and correctly when the reinforcement had reached us in the same time and the battle was finished for our favour.
    From that time I didn't see him, he was injured and the military law allows him to stay at back units.

    In that deepness of thoughts, I heard the engine-voice of a big car scratching the street by their tires. The car suddenly stopped, three men got down saying welcome to me picking up what they could carry to help me and as soon as I ride the car with them.
    The car continued its way directly toward Baghdad. I didn't know the time exactly and turned to sleep. No one has asked me where I go until we have passed the check-point. One of the men awakes me to eat our supper in such vacant restaurant on left side of the road.
    At the table one of them has been gazing to me in a bizarre looking, with his forehead mostly was frowning; do you know him?
    Who is?
    The soldier who is sitting back whose name is Ali.
    Of course I could not reply, even though I couldn't distinguish him, but his face is familiar. As soon as I remember him, the sort of his eating and the three distinct oriental sores of leishmanias upon his left check
    Yes, alright, that's he.
    He is the writer and the correspondent of the military newspaper. I know him well, I have often read for him, he is an excellent writer of the military affairs, and had got more than one reward; always he endures the burden of others, has participated in each remembrance occasion.
    I had sent him many letters before I was returning back in the last permission.
    There was no email through computer at that time; we usually write our messages to send them by hand or through military posts.
    The last time I met him after we had finished the last battle. Of course we had to pick some pictures for reminiscence in every rejoicing occasion.
    Are you going home? Ali asks me.
    No; not, this time.
    Do you still service in the same unit?
    No, right a way I have got an order for another unit in North Frontline.
    I will miss you.
    Sorry to say that, but the military exceptional circumstances will prevent no longer -more and more attachment with civilians.
    Deep sorrow to miss you Ali, I shall take the next military caravan for North Zone.
    I didn't altogether have to spent talks when I traveled, and only my questions are concentrated about the way and directions.
    The next man who is in two-third of his age began to ask me unfamiliar pattern questions.
    Do you marry?
    Yes, of course I had two sons.
    Do you drink?
    No, no. usually that's not my course or habitual range since I was single.
    Do you have special duty?
    I didn't replay, knowing that these patterns of throwing questions will reveal unwanted result.
    Will you spend the night at hotel?
    I think yes, since I know exactly I hadn't relative there.
    He gave me one cigarette, and after awhile he utters series of laughters objected with a series of dry cough, and continued his speech.
    My house is in the central part of town and is nearer to the shops, you can find canned- foods and what the warrior wish to store for difficult circumstances.
    Alright Sir, I will get permission after seven days of arriving, and then I don't need more.
    I think you will need additional supplies to protect yourself against cold; winter is there in very depression of situation.
    Thank you, no matter; I think I do need nothing.
    He keeps in silence for a moment, but suddenly he breaks the rule when the car stopped as the gas was run off at a few yards of gas station.
    Did you not check it? Are you a newer in service?
    The man sends me a gesture to stop his chattering.
    But the last stood on his foot as a crazy shouting and cursing.
    I stand between them in order to prevent expected quarrel.
    Please allow me to smash his head or twist his arm.
    The matter was cancelled and after two minutes we are at the gas station.
    I made conciliation between them after drinking cups of tea at the cafeteria.
    Please; don’t smell a rat, he is a goodhearted kin, we are the men of difficult duty.
    Yes, of course replied the troubled man. Resuming our journey, the two- third on age requests me to obtain three sandwiches from the drawer under my seat and he starts to eat continuously without stopping, once in a while he cranes his neck outside the door and bantering to everything.
    At last we got inside the city, and began to separate in different ways, but before I went few paces he catches my hand and swears to be his guest.
    Followed the way together as he decided, having little refreshment before sleeping and at morning he does the hospitality in all its right phases.
    I didn’t ask him of his name and his family, but a week after of my arrival to the new- unit I received two letters were signed by "Abed Alhussen Alawy".
    Of course he is Shiites follower. I find it is suitable to visit him again or invite him to visit our city in North; we are still friends although the conditions and the general state of country are not as preceding days.
    I proceeded in my new duty ambitiously to investigate the advantages that are pertaining in my shoulder.
    Working slowly and deliberately to guess the difficulties which maybe faced me.
    Otherwise I have done more prospected matters with our commander captain and days after days the relation becomes more reliable and dependable, although he didn’t ask me such question about my past background, but he knew that I am graduated from high school.
    I have visited the area since I was working in a group of endemic diseases program in which we put bases of controlling the malaria endemic disease there, and then I was enforced to learn the ideological approaches of their language and custom.
    I had built in my mind many ideas and strategies in how to overcome the obstacles for a person who is never working there or is strange there.
    The winter is there characterized by windstorm or snowstorm, associated with heavy rainfalls and thunderstorm.
    When we got to a new area the weather is too cold and worst, the time as I remember is at late afternoon in one days of February, and anyone should try to find a shelter to sleep or rest because the area is uncovered, deserted from any means of rest -establishing and moreover the wind, the rain, the wetted earth, the wetted sky.
    I grasp some stones and mud to prepare a shelter for night as a bedchamber, additionally there are no trees to cut or anything else to set fire.
    The captain had passed in front of me; calling what you do? We are about to depart for a new duty and you must be there.
    Only the jeep car hardly could reach the target area or the unanimous goal.
    Others were late three hours or more.
    Of course the time is night and intensively black therefore it could be hardly to see or move.
    No shelter then or firewood, even if they are found, they are wet.
    Every one of us began to shiver; the temperature is less than zero.
    What I do then? Only the" napalm" substance is there, so let's to burn little of it.
    I could see by my naked eyes one of them throws himself in the middle of fire as a result of coldness.
    The captain notices the map and utters; pointing for such areas are familiar and knowable for me, but in mistakenly he named them.
    Do you Sir; Mean so and so?
    But, tout! You are wrong, please give me the map.
    That's X and that's T names of certain mountain I knew them.
    Are you sure? Yes I am certainly sure.
    We had finished our duty in less than forty hours.
    There are guerillas often we called them the dissenters and not as nowadays nomenclature or naming.
    The term terrorist and terrorism for instance never had we hear in past times or remote pasts unless our country was occupied by USA in the last period of occupation processes held by West.
    They express the term when someone refuses the false democracy that they pretend or claim or for someone had enthusiasm on his religious or homeland.
    They deny the patriotism or they excuse by any term or fragile argument to occupy other nations and by last they do to confiscate their rights and their ownerships.
    What are the difference then between the "lie and truth", between the pure facts and the misled pretence?
    Hereinafter we know or have to know there is no benefit of occupation. If not kill us, legitimately will claim to invest our wealth and our economy, whether reasonably or unreasonably, whether lawfully pretence or unlawfully by force.
    The thoughts deeper and deeper evinced on my real position in that time of -changeable and inconstant weather of winter in North, however, the politically position or the general state of publics who live there indicate suggestions or near suggestions to point out what is in their introspection of reasons and ideology.
    One who deceives you more than one time what do you considers him?
    One who stand in broad of daylight at the side of your enemy or maybe played -the tug of war- to be in daylight with you and at the dark with your rival, what is the name you choose to name him or what is the ID which identifies him?
    When these ideas had jumped inclusively to your mind under ultimately unmerciful sky and weather without shelter, without restfully enjoyment, without opportunity to read, to recommence your study, to resume your finance position, to build your own house, to get marriage, to pursue your affairs in general, and could not find the answer of any question or reasonable satisfaction on your own ideas, or maybe you could not satisfy yourself to endure all these times and conditions, what could you feel again?
    The matter is homeland not more, and all ideas will be in wrong if you couldn't save your country.
    Whether you are forbidden to claim the clear thoughts here or elsewhere, but you may not abandon the superiority of the true soul.
    That's I call them the "Society of Satan" or the Devils because they knew the truth even in their deep introspections of glimmered facts, but they stand always in opposition state.
    I think those patterns of people who truly should merit the term of terrorism of our nowadays.
    Why then who stands against the lies and tendentious hearsay being unrespectable in so many societies?
    Is it the fate or the un-construed ways of life directions? Or: where in elsewhere- by God- you could find the society of truth, mercy, kind, and trustable?
    Generally I could do what I respect for in dignity and the lawfully living matters and affairs, but do I; haven't negligence elements on many inherited duties here or there?
    The matter is too simple for someone who tries the easy and the comfortable life whether is it lawfully or not.
    The trifle matter or idea does nothing in its first presence, but maybe it occupy the first solution in most things.
    As that one who lost his arm, his fiancée, his home, and even lastly his mind.

    Riding a bus again to my house solely just as a mad person without job, without dream, frustrated in both soul and body to find the youths violate everything is sacred, plucked out of their honorable society values and in vain and vilified manner destroyed what the valiant had built.

    No matter if I hadn't dream
    The matter is shoe or spoon
    To be prisoned or just jailed
    The idea of course is not mine
    Whether I was sincere or liar
    But, the confusion of course is theirs
    Truly I was imprisoned without jailer
    In last few days I have resumed—
    The right opinion of their discourse
    Not to save the money as he thinks
    But, to get the job in our society—
    To build the broken wheel of their economy
    When the owner felt to escape
    Driven back to see the nettle—
    Built its nets inside the shrubberies
    Where the sparrows had just to sleep
    Given back forcedly to their nest
    Picked the flower which is wet
    Slowly had chanted do rain!
    Are you the donor of heat?

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    A story as proverb

    "Whose tail is cutting now is losing between others of cutting off tails"

    The followed story contains proverb tells us that the trick sometimes has advantages.

    Once a fox came close to an unknown farm, felt that the farm hasn't owner, the fox asked himself, I am alone here; "why don’t I enjoy myself in eating the fresh watermelon and pumpkins without completion of other fellows?"
    The fox entered the orchard and started to cut what is tasteful, but suddenly the fox heard sound came from the another side and indeed it was the sound of his fellow foxes shouting and howling…
    The fox didn’t see them firstly because the foxes hid themselves carefully in their hideouts in the adjacent hillside.
    The foxes tribe at once came to share with him the pillage saying to him, "we want to help you not more."
    What could the poor fox have to do?
    They are tribe and relatives and he is a single animal, then his trick will be vainly to be done since all of them perceive the same manner of foxes trickery.
    Suddenly the farmer came there and saw that the foxes have eaten his fruits. Immediately the farmer picked his shovel up and tried to smash the fox head, but the masterstroke came at the tail of the first fox that entered the farm firstly.
    The injured fox hurried away to be saved throwing away what has picked in his mouth.
    Two days after he met his fellows and told them that the farmer was died, then it is disgrace upon them if they don’t repeat the attack again so that to compensate the loss of the first day…
    To encourage his fellows and to enhance their morale, the fox said to them:
    What it is a pity! If we couldn't repeat the attack again, we couldn't have the union in the world forever.
    The fox was familiar about the area knowing all its ways and its directions, but kept the matter in secret about what he decided to do.
    In the second day, the fox guided his follows from another way knowing that there were many dogs still sleeping under a certain tree.
    Before he reached the certain area, the fox claimed that he didn’t trust them, and the cheating is expectable behaviour into foxes tribe…
    After a deliberate thought, the fox suggested to put them under examination, therefore he said to them:
    You must tie your tails around the trunks of that tree to prove your truth for me!
    Without any delay the foxes agreed about the plan knowing not what their fellow had concealed to do…
    After the master fox saw that their tails were completely tighten, he ran quickly changing the direction to the place where dogs hid themselves there.
    The dogs immediately chased him as quickly as they could, but the master fox made his way this time to the place where the foxes tightened their tails.
    When the foxes heard the dogs' barking they tried to escape away lest not to be bitten by the dogs' canines, but when they tried more their tails were amputated and they became similar of their friend which was cut off tail.
    After that the last accident, the fox told his fellows to attack the farmer farm to show them his courage!.
    Altogether they accepted the idea and went on to the same farm…
    When the farmer noticed that all of the attacking foxes have amputated tails, he was astonished in that he couldn’t differentiate between them because each one of them had the cut off tail.
    Saying "the amputee tail did the best trick!"
    Moral: skill could save someone in the last choice.

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    Bedouins wedding ceremony - poem

    Bedouins wedding ceremony

    Poem written by


    Folk literary works

    Iraq- Mosul

    Arab Bedouins decamped for north….
    So to speak, nothing in their life is worth.
    They spread their goat-hair tent over a hillock …
    Across desert, they wandered going back and forth
    Between them, he said that he had a lover
    He traced their trail longing to argue the matter
    Three days he continued his way suffering hunger.
    As soon as he reached them, they fed him butter
    A man of mustaches like two horns of ram said:
    I had offered to thee a woolen bed….
    You can sleep three nights and we will answer
    Her father is absent, and for consultation, we need.
    We shall ask her cousin if still in love with her.
    Her cousin went in wilderness chasing the deer….
    The mother came and said our girl still young…
    Three years after, you may wait, thou peer.
    Let me look over perhaps I could find water…
    Our year is rainless year of severe winter
    Therefore, this night we shall decamp
    Our life is unstable and that's our life manner.
    A horse came clattering from distant place
    A knight was riding on looking masked face
    He unsheathed his sword running as lightning.
    He welcomes the guest asking him either duel or race.
    He said she is my cousin and never shall I agree…
    I shall marry her, whatever her dower will be…
    And you strange man you may not ask her hand…
    Either you pay million dollars or I shall kill thee…
    A young who came to ask the girl hand soon fled…
    A girl cousin further of that he did not intend…
    He gunned after him three shots announcing the victor.
    And a large wedding ceremony in that night was held.
    Three days they danced as if jinni comes there.
    They made a large banquet of slaughtering deer.
    No one has purpose but to eat and drink….
    A big fire was done to bless the good year

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    Scheherazade would tell…Mohammad Ahmad- lyric peoms

    Scheherazade would tell…

    MMA- lyric poems

    Mosul – Iraq

    Scheherazade would relate her story
    Not to sultan's temper, turns worry.
    The unlucky girl perhaps wishes death!
    However, sultan struts in his glory…
    All night Scheherazade would talk.
    All her grace to Sultan would hock…
    Never was she grieved thirty years
    But from his scepter she tumbled and shook.
    Sultan would ask her everyday question
    If not answer, there is severe punition….
    A clever witty girl never was she deceived.
    To sultan she hides her painful emotion…
    Once you saw her, you turn glad
    That's the sultan wishing not to be sad….
    **** crows, he says there is no dawn…
    To be joyful he sells his empire yard after yard
    O, sultan like any human you will die!
    If your fate comes don’t say why
    At death, no one will cry thee…
    For monarch don’t depress or sigh.
    You sultan, Allah is the real Sultan…
    Allah Monarch is the grater One…
    As others, your source is mud
    Why do you from death turn wan?
    Why does she shun the poor man?
    And her bosom is free to sultan!
    Life is too odd to be understood!
    Luck is only for those to evil ran…
    Tell me! What would you say?
    If a horrible fire, you got in thy way…
    Do you claim that is you?
    A hundred fires were seen each day….
    Sultans of now as if they were mad
    For power, they have greed hand…
    No graceful girl can attract them!
    What can do then poor Scheherazade…?
    Tell me! What right is in this life?
    It is sharp as the blade of knife!
    In evils, its day is equal to its night…
    Ah! How could be it got relief…?
    Can Scheherazade now admire the sultan?
    It is odds to equal between tin and tan.
    Oh! Sultan always is arrogant and careless…
    Adored money perhaps he fills up his divan…
    Sultan never loves people always is selfish….
    Poor find nothing to eat but he eats fish…
    In luxuriance, he lives in a lofty palace….
    For that always he is sluggish…
    Whimsical desire, he asks to win the peace
    To people always he has nauseous face…
    Can we cope with him despite of all his sins?
    Let God then settle between us the case!
    Sultan always is thirsty to blood…
    How can Scheherazade excite his mood?
    Let him go buried then will know!
    In hell, there is no golden hood…
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    Peace be on you. May God save world from such overt and covert sultans and may all rulers take care of their subjects well -- and all groups do not play in the hands of others -- and live peacefully. amen.
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    I just smashed my face into the keyboard!

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    Reading on Mesopotamia- written by Mohammad Ahmad

    Reading on Mesopotamia

    Discussed and dialoged by

    Mohammad Mahmud Ahmad

    Sargon enters the hall comes from distance.
    Sennacherib said to him welcome.
    They sat for a while.
    Three Assyrian girls entered and offering them dates and curdled yoghurt.
    Sennacherib: what do you think cousin, Sumerian in the south left nothing to us? The roads are closed and there is no additional to reach the south occasion.
    The Indian merchants and the Chinese merchant cannot reach Ashur.
    The vessels, ferries, cannot navigate on Tigris River.

    Yes, cousin I know that…
    I would send three battalions of the Royal Guardsmen.
    But the matter we need al least seven hundred horses and if you ask all
    Over the Assyrian Kingdom, you cannot gather hundred horses.
    All right, all right…………. said Sargon.
    But I think my son can do that…
    I will send to the North to Elam to Susa the capital of their kingdom.
    Do not think to approach to their border they still keep enmity for along time.
    What do you counsel dear cousin?
    I think Syria is the close area to Nineveh and I can send my nephew Ashurbanipal for this task, then he will pass when he returns through the western desert and will see some of Bedouins settle not more distance from the Euphrates bank.
    We shall see dear, we shall see, but Elam region I think is closer.
    Oh, many mountain chains you could see there and between those mountains savage people settle there.
    Do you mean the Elamites?
    Yes, of course those people they are very difficult to be civilized.
    They do not by any means are adopting the horses but they always use the mules.
    Here he is! Ashurbanipal comes…
    Do you son can offer us five hundred horses from anywhere?
    I think I can do if you giving me further days to be ready for this task.
    After three days, Ashurbanipal sets his journey to west.
    Fifteen equestrians travel with him; each one of them is armed by many olden arms such as heavy metallic armor, helmet, long javelin, and crossbow.
    When they were returning, Ashurbanipal sees Gilgamesh whom the goddess Ishtar loves him too much.
    What can we need more than this opportunity? Goddess Ishtar is always with us.
    The men kept to rest and made big mess.
    The delicious of variant hunting meat were offered.
    Wild birds, wild deer, and wild antelopes everywhere can be hunting.
    Can you Gilgamesh tell us about your secret journey?
    Oh! Do not remind be please… it is by any means hard, hard journey it is! The legendary story told us that you kill the bull which goddess Ishtar sent to defeat you!
    One of the men in faint voice said; I think Akkad forget you!
    But Enkidu is your close friend…
    No…No, it is created by Anu then I killed Anu. Ishtar is the killer not Anu!
    Oh! Do you find the immortality yet?
    He began to weep. What can I do with Immortality after my close friend died?
    Enkidu… alas Enkidu star descend! My right arm, my helper!
    What could I do after him? Neither Ur nor Nippur is the pleasant place to me after him.
    Yes, I killed the savage bull inside the Cedar forest of Lebanon by my axe, but Enkidu stabs its eyes while the big devil guarder shout desperately. Damn! To the life which steals my close friend.
    But I build the fence of Uruk as benevolent deed to witness as long as it stands.
    You Gilgamesh:
    Are not you now the candidate king to rule Uruk?
    Are not you who refuse the marriage proposal suggested by Ishtar?
    Did not you think Babylonia was threatened by Elam?
    Yes, my cousin I have thought and have looked attentively in all you say, but the matter you have aroused yet it is not settled because of the communications.
    Didst you see our empire also was threatened by Persian Empire?
    And…. How can we unite the two empires to be one empire?
    It is simple dear it is simple; Sennacherib replies to Gilgamesh.
    We can extend our empire for south and you extend your empire for north then whenever the time progresses the two empires will be one.
    Nevertheless, the Persian kings are more hostile and can wage the war at each moment since we have wide joint borders with them.
    Through our temples Marduk, ziggurat and others we can reunion our people to be one. Sennacherib said.
    Achaemenian dynasty kings who they rule now endeavor to expand their empire to reach Macedonia, Caucasus and to north of India and Persepolis is made as a capital city by Darius I.
    Unless the Alexander the Great helps us, we cannot stand against their campaigns.
    No, no do not think so we can make the folks who they live on adjacent regions as friends for example through relationship of marriage.
    Far well, far well each one said to another.
    The tow leaders and son of kings exchange gesture to each other to say goodbye while each one of them puts on his mind the plan they have discussed together.
    Once more Elamites were defeated by Assyrians on the north.
    However, when the king Hammurabi reaches the rule he began to state new rules and wages many campaigns and Babylonia expanded more, even he conquers on the time of Gilgamesh ruling the city Ur of Sumerian that it is located on the south and at last he was able in unifying Mesopotamia.
    He used control of waterways (damming them to deny his enemies water or to create a flood by releasing them) to defeat his enemies. He also engaged in building and restoring temples, city walls, public buildings, and canals. His laws, collected in the code of Hammurabi the well- known code for nowadays.

    This given study and the incident I have discussed gives us impression that Iraqi nation always try to be united in spite of vicissitudes of time.

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    The daughter of feudalist - Mohammad Ahmad

    The daughter of feudalist

    A story written by

    Mohammad Mahmud Ahmad

    However, this story is fiction but it includes between its pages some of reality of the previous period between 1950- 1960, the later decade of Iraqi feudalists who they control on the neck of poor people. Indeed, It is not the slavery itself but it is similar to it in some aspects.
    Of course, it is the dark point of my childhood period since poor men could not send their children to school then I am one of them.
    Moreover, there is no modern school on villages but the last majority of them is made of mud and covered with wood.
    Either rich men or who owns at least fifty head of herds can do that.
    Indeed, it is opaque period, you could not recognise who is your real friend or the hostile one especially between those feudalists, but on the other hand, people are kind and helpful. This story discloses and throws light on some of its dark turning points. I would you like it...
    Part one

    One day I was in the age of seven particularly in the age of primary school. This was almost in 1960s when the schools of that time were built by mud and each school has one door, two or three classes not more. I am slime has flimsy body, pale face may be due to the malnutrition of that days. Since we are in a village far away from the cities, the general state is worst further than the cities, but some cities in anyhow did not have the best life than villages especially those located in south of Iraq. The variants of lifestyle between villages and towns has not worthy to contrast in aspects of eat or bathing or wearing, but the contrast is of worthy if we had to imagine the general relation between people themselves. Feudalists have not noticed control on town although some of them had limit influence there, but their remarkable influence and control is especially on countryside. The feudalists would be settled on towns but sent their attorneys from time to time to collect the yielding harvests forcedly from poor villagers' people. On countryside, people almost are farmers or sheepherders on the other hand some people who live in towns are either merchants or small owners, but the majority are also suffering the poverty. Sometimes the owner himself attend to manage with farmers in his sever cruelty and rough style his own purposes. The farmers are toiling hard all seasons on tillage and harvesting while the feudalist at the end share them half the yields effortlessly as a constant percentage. Some of feudalists treat farmers as slaves, their wives and their sons working hard just to eat and wearing clothes even sometimes are barefoot. If one of them got sick, the feudalist will bargain him to compensate the broken-down days of workdays.
    One day of those dark gloomy years one of the feudalists who was self- important decided to leave the town forever, and built a new mansion contains a big courtyard to live in adjacent to our house. It is the ominous day said my father. On that time I was on the forth year of my schooling and still little boy, but the acceptance feature I had, stung everybody knows me. Something I was accustomed on our lifestyle behavioural is the doom, which everywhere we joined or matched. People often have said to my father look after your son because they expected that one day his poor son will be a teacher or a doctor and is capable to develop their village. Two or three years after I had finished the sixth primary class and was qualified to continue my learning in the town since there is no intermediate school or secondary school in the villages on that previous time. Momently I had faced the real problem in how could I manage the residence affairs and the adapting of my new lifestyle.
    One day my father visited the feudalist as a converse of nightly chatting. The feudalist himself has a young son who has continued his learning in the town but the son never comes to the village. Yet I did not see his visage to be acquainted with him. My father had asked the feudalist about his son , the feudalist turned astonished, my father told him about me, and how he is turbid and upset in that how he could send his son to the town, no room to rent , no one is confident to leave his son on his custody. It is the very critical moment; my father always discusses this story to us in order not to forget the gloom days.
    The story that never have I forgotten yet. No longer had the feudalist come to visit us, and noticed the books on my hands then asked me to show my progress in the school, and immediately he wrote a message to his son to be careful and pleasant with me.
    No longer had we become friends, each one of us taught the other, but although he was preceding me in one year, I was equal with him or preceded him in some lessons.
    The son also was astonished and sending his father a letter, that he has found advantage on me. His father the "feudalist" immediately has rented my father two sacks of money.
    Still I am remembered that we became close friends in short time and no one of us can abandon his fellow.
    One day we decided to go to the village by riding horses during the voyage he told me about their standard of living, and how his father has gained his wealth as he said that his grandfather had served in the Turkey army. Moreover, it is familiar that Turkish during the time of their dominion period would bestow each one who has served them faithfully prosperities and estates. .
    No longer had we accustomed the ordinary families visiting through days or nights. No one has told me his sister name, but I knew her name from the pillow that was decorated by her name; the Linda H-T and two pictures of sparrows were decorated near to her name. She is on nineteen of her age, yellow – red check, never has she turned aside what the matter is and all of the time she is busy in decorating and sewing small peaces of cardboard decorations. Although her visage reveals she is very young, but she is two years older than I am.
    In the first time, I saw the girl I did not have any concern toward her or engaged my mind in anything pertaining to her, but one day suddenly I find tinny paper was painted by thick green color clasped to my book.
    As soon as I opened the paper, small green emerald peace fell from it. Disordering I went home entering and told my mother about what I have seen. My mother was afraid and said to me do not tell anyone, because if the feudalist knows he will be anger and won’t believe you if you said that you found that jewel, or may be thinks that you stole it, then the matter will be complicated and you lose his support , and you may son keep this secret.
    Month after we return back to the school flourishing again in our study discussing and asking ourselves how much progress had we got. Our life was quiet although trivial accidental event disturbed my friend temper as on day he was riding a bicycle then fallen down and one of his teeth was broken. Nevertheless, what happened again still we exchange our friendship confidently and no such trivial things would break down it.
    The days passed quickly and we began to start the final examination.
    One day when we returned home my friend asked me to know whether I still have determination to complete my learning or not. Of course, I could not answer him immediately, but I keep on silent. Still I have remembrance as if it is as dreaming when my friend awakened me suddenly one day nearly to the midnight saying to me that he would be a lawyer and he made decision to resume his study abroad. I kept on silent again refusing to engage with him the speech, but he urges me to discuss the obstacles would confront me, saying to me if the matter is… materialistic don’t worry and he assured me that he will argue his father to help me when he meets him.
    Although the discourse stops to this point but the confusion still persuades me, and the cloudy mysterious of misfortune has been accumulated on my sky. Shutting our door, we recline to sleep…

    A dream is not a dream if you still a wake.
    The mystery journey covers me up to neck.
    My dream, my future is still unknown.
    The doom persuades me with its ugly tone.
    My body suffers the pain and my eyes cannot sleep.
    But my sole fooled around with my soul on each leap.
    I got away to inhale the air freely.
    Down the upstairs, I finished my journey
    Returning to bed, the gloom covers me.
    Dawn is about to break, yet I do not see.

    Next day my friend tries to speak with me in another way, he said; the harvest will start on the next month, and we shall visit the harvestmen seeing them gain the yields, the crops will ripen in less than the expected period.
    You will see them, my family, and you will be one of us, we will dancing and make some mess near them , interesting ourselves and forgetting the toils of school, now and after, I remain worried, frustrated, waiting the promising day.
    The school was finished and we were returning back, my parents gathered asking me about the marks, the markets, they spent the night wondering how I am being the intimate friend of the feudalist son, my little sister began to grasp my beard, giving her some sweets and she begins startled crying for a while.
    Let her drop your books and she will be satisfied, said my father.
    The family was gathered a round a mud stove to prepare their meal including tea, they have not special kitchen and the chickens share them their food.
    On the next week, the feudalist informed my father to be present for harvest. We have; three horses, two oxen and one mule, and my father should prepare all of them. My father ordered me to be with him in the next day saying to me be simple with them, they are aristocrats , and this man does not trust any person, further more he is sensitive toward his daughter, he is quite exaggerated and more proud about her. "Linda", whom he maid her as his soul, and he often said to her my dearest , my heart , your visage is similar to the visage of my mother , your grief hurts my liver and when he saw her smiles, soon he fills his special tobacco- pipe and turned on laughter cheerfully to his knee.
    The man obviously is stern on his thoughts that he inherited deeply from his aristocratic grandfathers, who they often do not smile to the poor men. He is more strict and firm in his visage, always putting large pistol on his middle and sometimes grasps a long stick, which it is very rough, and it has a bulb on its end. One day he uses it to separate two quarreling- farmers, but has hit one of them in mistake over his head, the man soon has been put in a hospital for two months.
    The day after tomorrow the harvest maybe started and crowded of men might be busy with their wives and children, and everywhere you can see throngs of them walking alongside through the wilderness.
    Most of the time they were singing to help themselves in this toiling- work, but exactly they work all the day and sometimes they work until the stars appears shiny in the gloomy darkness.
    Moreover, they were frightened if someone of them is absent and the feudalist came suddenly and asked about him, so they work vigorously to win the peace of this cruel person or only can ask him to get the rest on the midday.
    I was there and contributed them their grief and their enjoyment, the flocks of wilderness birds came back and forth as if they welcome us, they were interested on the ripen ear of wheats.
    The cruel man always makes mess trying to forbid the birds not to eat any grain though knocking on a large metallic rough shape can by the stick making noising and crack to drive away those innocent birds, there fore I hated him everywhere I have met him.

    At the mid of the day I have visited my friend seeing him was helping his father in his employment, who he is also shouted to the harvestmen, but soon he noticed me he ran to greet me and bring to me a cup of water mixed with yogurt.
    Awhile after I have seen his sister who she gestured in secret toward me and has winked by the end of her eyes, soon I was embarrassed and affected, but to disturb me more embarrassed she offers me a glass of juice, never have I tasted a like, she says to me welcome by faint voice.
    Her father considered me as his son, but he stood a side making a sound of cough to feel others that he was present.
    Of course I was enough frightened of his voice, but the girl ensured me that there is enough of time to exchange our greeting.
    She is too passionate and funny to everything with her tumid –crooked cheeks, slim figure, but the lofty and the staidness apparently seen on her eyes.
    She left me and went, I was affected totally, then I stood frustrated, obsoleted, sad, and the grief had burned my chest, she was beautiful enough to melt the breeze over the stung wound.
    I did not see her when she leaves me, but she picked my hand saying to me next day is my birthday, and you should be there on our party.
    I have not suitable "present" to gift her, nothing in my house would be worthy to give her, or being fit to the aristocrat rank family, what shall I offer her my book or my old watch? That's my father brought to me when I succeed on the sixth class about five years ago.
    Nothing, nothing I have, still my garment was torn in many places , but her stubbornness force me to allow her advice, or makes me sure that I shall stand anywhere in their courtyard, dare not to say welcome.
    On the second day, I was there; lonely although her figure still glimmers on my mind, but the difference are more and unacceptable to be compared in every manner and it is just transient dream fills your thought.
    Meanwhile I was standing under their fruitless big tree in the middle of the courtyard of their house, gloomy and frustrated although the joy shakes me up to my lips and has settled desirously, bitterly encircling me from both sides.
    I decided to escape and never have I considered myself as a human, alas to the poorness and hunger, went home trying to find suitable clothes, but find nothing to wear, I wish if only I could hang the freedom!
    Let me ride my horse and escape away from this dim life, mourn, grief, sadness have torn my body parts and parts, if it is applicable and could leave this soul conflicting its doomed fate alone in wilderness!
    If only I can console her, if only I can root them a way, but the warm blood still drawing fluently in my veins, still I am hungry to find the bizarre sensation inside my soul.
    The books of love stories are not exactly enough to satisfy anyone who devoted and concentrated his ideas to be as an ideal person live in this world.
    In that moment of absorption and consumption my disarraying ideas I felt as someone mentioned my name, which I forgot it in that gloomy world, the world which on itself has totally forgotten while the doom was concentrated on that poor soul clustered as thick trees and jungles twisted together on a wild forest.
    I imagine that the human souls as a forest harbours wolves, peevish tigers, and wild cats and on the same time, it is the safety place to remove the griefs.
    I said yes, yes to everything, let me said Heel! Is it possible to run away into any places to get rid of my life? However, the voice is tender and lovely brings the hope as the sweet sunshine in my eyes again.
    She said come my lord, don’t worry, you do not make any mistake, but I am afraid of course from her father and about the reputation of my -family, feared the poorness, the influence power of her family and the familiar conventional customs in my village , but she urged me to enter.
    In that moment I refused and was satisfied, to say for her only happy day or any term suitable to her.
    When I decided to leave she attracted me from my neck, would not want me to leave indeed, I tried to evade and vanished from her, but in that critical moment her father was coming.
    The girl immediately ran a way and the man noticed my confusion , but he didn’t blame me and the only thing he said to me; it is special party and no one have I invited, you can leave my son and in the next day I want to see you with your father on the harvest place.
    Frightened I return to my home and my mother said that she had quested everywhere about me, and when she knew that I went there she was too much anger, saying to me do not recur this.
    Although it is trivial transient event, but still I am worried and kept it in my heart not to see her or just think to approach their house again and considered this visiting as a forbidden red line.
    Three days after or more the feudalist has come to our farm, to watch in closeness what we had doing in harvest, my father stood to greet him, but he insisted not to sit.
    Immediately he asks us about what we had collected on the seven days ago, but he saw that some stacks are not gathered well, he said to my father on that afternoon you should come to me on night to ask you about the rent and something is obscure and vague to the children.
    Really we did not sure whether my father went to the feudalist house or not, but when we heard noises as the uproar of quarrel we gathered out side.
    Since it is too dark to perceive what justly had happened and we had not light or any electric devices or even simple torch, therefore we depended on our ears to reveal what had happened rather than our eyes.
    At the end, we heard like triumphing joyful voice mixed with shouting.
    We ran quickly barefoot, bare head until we are beside the edge of the big valley behind the mansion of feudalist and can hear the uproar origin clearly.
    Soon we heard my father voice came closer to us, he is completely furious rising his dragger close to his shoulder, and the blood covered it saying I killed him, he is slain, he is slain, shouting in triumph the- feudalist is gone to the hell and never will he attack everyone again.
    His haughtiness never would be seen again in our village, but we must depart, we must leave at once, we must hurry before the daybreak to take the cover of night as veil to escape.
    It is truly that the feudalist was dead, my father stabbed him more than twenty stabs on his neck and chest, and he was slain certainly.
    Everyone of the family took on his arm what could he carry whether blanket or quit or anything else of the necessary light stuffs as we finely decided to go away.
    I ride one of the horses carrying my father gun and change the way in many times to camouflage the direction, my father follows me hand to hand with the rest of family.
    After seven hours of continuous marches, we had reached a very deserted arid area hardly could see plants or human voice, even the Bedouins stay- there for a while and depart.
    On that gloomy night we heard the noisy voice of the wolves' howling, and our dog began to reply, but soon I covered his mouth by a precise tighten piece.
    We stand, get down of our animals and the place appears too much dark and frightening, but we stick together on equanimity and stability more than previous time.
    We expected the danger everywhere could meet us, we are afraid and desperate to find someone who can help us, we forget the tiresome, and we have stretched our bodies on that solid bare area under the mercy of the sky and our doom mystery life and were subjected to sleep.
    We kept on absolute silence except the little child began to cry in low voice; moreover, we cannot set fire due to the place was not raveling by anyone.
    The news perhaps reaches the adjacent government center as fast as possible and they will put us in the prison because the feudalist has close relative on each government body.
    What should we do there on this frustration? and even the dawn is about to break, I felt the passed hours are quite heavy and long as if the night is endless, what about myself, what about my school, what about my friend who is now I am his foe.
    Many questions I have asked myself but could not find the answer.
    Although, it is mysterious future everywhere, although the smell of gunpowder is present everywhere in my country, but I must stood and control on myself to stand against all these aggravating circumstances.
    The issue is not relating to me only, it is the responsibility of all the family, what happen to my eyes, I feel them glowing like the flame, I fell as something blazing inside my heart.
    Although, I did not have really relation with the girl since the transient relation lasted three days not more, but truly my heart was connected to her.
    What could I do? The stars are about to vanish and my eyes still opened there, but my body, my upset soul, my warm blood flows on my arteries associate with my family, in how could we save ourselves. On the next day, we will persuade our journey unless we find safety resort, but how can we find? I do not know.
    Still I was solicitous soliloquise myself until the morning beats the night, and the caravan continued its march but to unknown region and at last we are the neighbour of another new feudalist.


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    The yoke still works MMA- literary works

    The yoke still works

    MMA ( Mohammad Mahmud Ahmad)

    He entered his room half- disappointed, half- dispirited puts his arm up to the edge of the table while he notices everything appear disarrayed, but yet no alarming thing had he suggested even his only sandal had been lost.
    The large picture, which it is usually, hanged on the right position in front side of the large table is broken by someone entering the place forcedly when he is out.
    The girl that he have noticed on the next Sunday after the last visiting to the village has entered the hospital because of an accidentally reason.
    His mother usually blames him for his accustomed delaying everyday when he returning after finishing his school.
    The boy is on the prime of youth neither tall nor short, has fleshy body, long brown hair, green eyes, his suit always is smart, usually he hears his preferred sad melody of the traditional songs of an olden arts.
    His mother usually calls him "Wad". Why you do not get marriage? I will be very happy if I see your sons playing on the house- yard.
    Her son excuses in that he is still young and had not the enough money to prepare himself for this mission; even he is not sure of himself whether the girl truly loves him or not.
    The girl now sleeps on hospital for tow weeks ago, until now she is not recovered and it is necessary that he would visiting her everyday before coming back to be sure about her health.
    His friend Hashem usually visits him at eight o'clock every evening, they usually have to play chess, and when someone of them checkmated the king of his opponent, they shout joyfully and put roles to crackdown the play.
    Yes, the king usually checkmates when the play is well done!
    Hashem asks Ali proudly and loudly.
    Please Sir; can you tell me? Why does not the virtual king easily step aside out of his throne although he has governed his nation sarcastically for a long period?
    You ask the trouble and seek the headache…
    You Sir yet have not finished the secondary school, and it is better to put your attention about your study like me.
    The mother entered the hall and welcomed them putting the cups of tea over the table, asking Ali on the same time. Do you visit her?
    Yet Ma, yet it is still not dark.
    Ali you have bothered me in many times. The mother replied.
    The guest asking his friend to leave since he has another work still does not finish yet.
    Dear ma, Hashem got shyness and leave.
    You son did not feed the animal that we had bought them on the last month.
    I think your pa will anger when coming back and knowing that you had cursed them.
    Dear ma please be easy, I am not the child to be reproached yet.
    Dear ma; where my pa goes?
    He goes to seek something about our yoke, he thinks if he can buy a new ox. The old one is about to die, and we keep the brown ox in our relative's farm. He came there yesterday and requested your father if he can borrow him an ox for two days not more.
    Hum, Him... the boy turns to the left side!
    Why these oxen would die quickly, in spite of they are strong and those kings would never die? He whispered with himself.
    Of course, both of them are strong.
    Why do you whispering son? Nothing else ma, I just have a bit of sorrow about this poor animal. I think it will not recover since it eats nothing since yesterday.
    Dear son; the animal is animal God makes it to die; however, it works and helps its owner and still toiling until death.
    What poor is it! The boy began to smell the skin of the ox.
    You are kind and mercy Ali. It is the humanitarian nature had put on yourself.
    Did not you watch TV and looking the miserable case of humans across-around the world?
    Dear ma; this is political cases, and we might not ask the reasons beyond.
    Yes, pa we are poor family and your father did not listen to this matters, but the day before yesterday he said that a big uprising had covered the Republic Palace situation and many men were killed.
    The uprising began at daybreak and continued to the last hour of the day.
    Ali telephoned his friend Hashem calling him that they might be ready to contribute the march, which is saying that it will take place on the nearest town tomorrow, and after finishing their lesson, they went secretly.
    The father when he is returning from his mission seeing a great number of men and women crowded at the gate of his farm.
    Thinking not but suggesting that it is just tribal quarrel, which it is usually, occurs on the village, but when he approaches more, he sees the women weeping.
    Only when he sees the bloody-spotted garment of his son, never has he seen backward again.

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    The blind eagle - MMA's poems to children

    The blind eagle

    Poem to children

    Written by

    Mohammad Mahmud Ahmad

    Iraq – Mosul

    On day, we have a trip nearside the thicket
    Seeing a large eagle roaming over the forest
    Flies happily and stretched out its wings
    After awhile we find a large nest
    We were astonishing that one of the nestlings was blind
    We tried to help him and carrying him to another side
    Her mother attacked us suddenly and awfully
    I feared the consequent since I was child
    We hide ourselves between the thickets until her mother feeds him
    Hardly can we see because of the place is dark and dim
    One of us tied the blind nestling legs and we left back
    We guess it has strong body although it is slim
    The small eagle recovers and becomes happy
    We find that our journey was useful and lucky
    The small eagle becomes our friend until to the fly is capable
    Gratefully to us our good deed and flies proudly and lofty.
    We must thank Allah who made this nature in our souls
    The humanitarianism is one the essential Islamic rules
    We are Muslims and we follow our Prophet the most humanitarian
    And we can do every charitable deed as our religion calls

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    The fruits will be greenish year after year

    The fruits will be greenish year after year

    MMA- poems

    Sorry Valentine don't understand me wrong.
    Sorry Valentine don't slash thy tongue
    Be soft Valentine the tassel I had put there.
    Quench your thirst as much as you shed tear.
    * * * *
    Sorry Valentine the sky is still blue.
    Sorry Valentine still I love you
    Don't cry Valentine the hope is still near.
    The fruits will be greenish year after year.
    ** **
    Be ware Valentine people shunt to another line.
    Their sons and wives gloomily drink wine.
    Sorry Valentine don't be sadist more
    The actual love is that of a safety shore.
    * * * * *
    If you cry or don't cry the caravan goes ahead.
    Moves or do not move the dead still dead.
    Enjoy your life whether prison or curse.
    No one with thy sorrow will rouse.
    ** **
    Head me to my way still I am blind
    Sting my heart still it is kind.
    Shed me by your tears to the border of limitless
    Quench my fever to die at peace.

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