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Thread: A dark history

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    A dark history

    Hey everyone,

    This is my first attempt at writing a short story/prelogue to a book.

    Darkness, the edgy blackness that never forgives and never recedes until the light encroaches on its boundaries. Those who spend time within these limits find themselves lost, or redirected. For a time I was a good person, like many of my brethren. We loved the world and all those in it. We kept the animals, the landscape, and its peoples beautiful and in harmony with each other. Our magicks were the envy of all those who knew of us. Power, the power over the elements and over the unspoken magicks. Nothing was off limits to us. The gods themselves were envious. No race alone had control over these magicks together, yet alone to the degree that we did. At a thought we could do something as simple as will a tree to grow to full maturity in as little time as it took to shake a hand, or we could command an aged dragon to do ones beck and call. These were the powers at our command. Yet there were those that were envious. There were those that said it was the Gods, others said it was a cunning race of Gnomes, but there came a time that a great disease raged over us. At first it started as a rash on our pale skins. Soon the rash spread and turned purple and boiled our skins. The boils then spread and started horrible disfigurations on our bodies and faces. After a while our bodies simply started to give out. None of our greatest mages could concoct a cure and we became desperate, some of us more than others. I was one of the others. Turning a deaf ear to the begging and pleading of my elders I moved my gaze to the dark magicks. In the dark magicks I was able to unlock many secrets that slowed the progression of my illness and for a time, I thought, I would be able to reverse its affects. I was wrong. In my dealings with the dark magicks I became ill in my mind. I started doing more and more things against the nature of the world, perverted things. Turning the sky black with clouds, creating creatures that had no right to come into existence, bending the very fabric of the world to my will were some of the many things I did. And finally, I turned on my fellow elves. They started calling me the Darkendelve. I was the most powerful being in the world. The following is the story of the world I now rule.

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    So, does this seem like a good foundation for a book?
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