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Thread: What does Hamlet mean?

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    What does Hamlet mean?

    "The undiscover'd country, from whose bourn
    No traveller returns"

    Why does Hamlet insist that no traveler returns when his father has already, so to speak, returned from that country?

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    Has Hamlet's father returned or some ghost sent to damn him? A fleeting spectre in the dead of night, what sort of return is that?
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    H. B. Charlton (Clark Lecturer at Trinity College, Cambridge in the 1940s) discusses Hamlet's refusal to acknowledge, "the most outstanding experience of his life."

    Something in the forum code makes it impossible to post a link, but the phrase:

    "a traveller has returned to him from the after-world"

    pasted into a GoogleBooks search, in quotes, will yield Charlton's thoughts and considerations on the matter.

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