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Thread: Ticker Tape Parade

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    Ticker Tape Parade

    From heaven's golden strand,
    rains a shredded kite;
    shards of delight flutter down
    clouding festive gawkers

    Glazed eyes filter the bright
    swirls of effervescence,
    then in resignation
    glimpse the sterile sky

    A strand of elusive dreams
    swaggers on the cusp,
    but flailing hands grasp as
    feathers skirt their open palms

    Striding into the maze,
    a glittering trail unfolds;
    with drunken feet kicking
    rolling up the paper carpet
    grounding their wishful feet

    Heads crowned with satin lace
    coronate the revelry,
    until in mock jest
    teasing fingers brush away
    the ephemeral glory

    After the glitzy rain,
    arched ears strain to hear
    the silent medley,
    but only a brisk breeze
    taps a winsome refrain
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    I read this a couple of times before I started to appreciate it. I got sidetracked by 'shredded kite' which stuck with me throughout the first reading. Once I put the image of a kite aside, it read much better and in tune with the title.
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    Thanks delta40 for your close reading. I may decide to change the "shredded kite" line.

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