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Thread: Shakespeare and Saddam Hussein

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    Thank you for the history lesson. I wish your insights could have been added to the news specials that aired during the buildup to the most recent Iraq war.

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    Shakespeare and Saddam Hussein

    In my opinion Shakespeare is a writer for all ages, because if you study his works and especially Hamlet you will find that it is for a days such as this, I mean after the dramatic fall of Baghdad.<br>If you as a reader try to have some comparison between king Claudius and Saddam Hussein you will be amazed for the share faces you will find in between them.<br>First, Claudius got the throne after his killing for his elder brother, as Saddam had done by killing his comrades in Baath party in 1979, because they could be dangerous for his ideology.<br>Second, Claudius had conspired against his family members, by his trying to kill hamlet <br>After his killing for hamlet the father, as Saddam had done by killing his son in low Hussin Kamel and many of his family including some of his grandsons.<br>Thirdly, Claudius had killed his brother and had married his wife as Saddam had done by killing one of his ministers and marrying his wife.<br>Fourthly, Claudius thought that he has the divine protection that nobody could kill him or even harm him and that was of course because his conspiracy against all with his chamberlain Polonios, as Saddam was doing with his vice-president Ezat Al-Doori, and that is when he get to point hat he is god and every body have to worship him.<br>Now do you think that Shakespeare knew that there will be a president like the dictator Saddam Hussein, or maybe Saddam had read Hamlet so he tried to be as Claudius, but I think he had committed more crimes than Claudius because as you know Shakespeare was between 1564-1616 and now we are at the third millenium so he tried to be more moderate by killing more people and of course by new ways.<br>Finally, thanked be God my creator and as Marlowe in Doctor Faustus says: Che Sara Sara.<br> <br>Thank you <br><br>

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