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Thread: What is it with Ayn Rand?

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    I remember reading Atlas Shrugged during lunch break at work one day and a fellow employee told me she didn't like the book. When her ignorance of the plot quickly became apparent I asked if she read it; she hadn't. I then had to remind her of a few things called historical context, personal biography, and the nature of literature. Needless to say she didn't flex her moral superiority anymore over one who enjoyed a fictional novel well worth reading.

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    I am reading The Fountainhead. I think it's pretty good. It has an original plot. It is about work. It's way better than Fahrenheit 451, which I read before it. I don't think it discusses Rand's theory of Objectivism as much as Atlas Shrugged, but Atlas Shrugged is massive and I did not want to commit to so long a read if I was not going to enjoy it. The Fountainhead is long enough. I
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    According to Aldous Huxley, D.H. Lawrence once said that Balzac was 'a gigantic dwarf', and in a sense the same is true of Dickens.
    Charles Dickens, by George Orwell

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