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Thread: A World of Many Hues

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    Question A World of Many Hues

    She cries, that is reality to her
    Anxiety consumes her whole being
    She’s stuck in a cage with nowhere to go

    She says she’s fine but her sleeves pulled longer
    Than the list of dreams her heart’s concealing
    She hides, that is reality to her

    She takes a deep breath, heart getting stronger
    But she finds herself behind glass, pounding
    She’s stuck in a cage with nowhere to go

    Staring through rubble, her world gets darker
    Witnessing the world’s injustice, suffering
    She hides, that is reality to her

    Gunshots fire, “I’ve got to be stronger.”
    She hears voices chanting, freedom calling
    She’s still stuck in a cage, nowhere to go

    In the darkest of nights, stars burn brighter
    Than the rough waves or dark sky that’s looming
    She knows, this is reality to her
    It’s up to you what the world looks like


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    Your poem reminds me of Rilke's panther. Here's a translation I made about 20 years ago:

    The Panther
    after Rainer Maria Rilke

    His gaze has grown so weary
    Of circling bars he sees
    Nothing: an infinity
    Of bars, no world but these.

    His padded gait alone
    Rounds the contracted stage:
    A dance of might, a zone
    Where will is numb with rage.

    Now and then a film
    Wipes his clouded eyes.
    The image stiffens him,
    Enters his heart and dies.

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