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Thread: Seller asks the price 500 units. Buyer insists on giving 2000 units. Both firm.

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    Lightbulb Seller asks the price 500 units. Buyer insists on giving 2000 units. Both firm.

    Peace be on you. Once, in the past, a person wanted to sell his horse. He was asking 500 currency units. A buyer came, looked at the horse and said he would pay 2000 because horse was worth it. They both were insisting on their prices…………Amazing.

    Then it so happened in the recent times, a rice exporter found a novel way to fool his foreign customers. He half filled the bag with high quality rice, and then inserted a pipe to the middle of rice and poured low garde rice in the hidden middle………Whom he and like him fooled? Only themselves. Soon the export orders of rice shifted to neghbouring country.

    The first people were the companions of Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) who learned and practice the faith…..The second people are from those who use the label of faith only in this era.

    “….And give full measure and weight with equity…” (Holy Quran, ch6 : v153)

    The Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) said if the buyer and the seller speak the truth and disclose any defect in the goods God would bless the trade. If they both indulge in falsehood and the hide any defects or are deceitful, the trade wil have no blessing.

    It is not only trade, it is all aspects of life, about which the month of Ramadhan reminds faithful to pratice the commandments of God.

    May Eid be blessed for everyone.

    (Ref: Benefited from Ahmadiyya Khalifah's Friday sermon, August 2, 2013)
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    I'd pay 4000 to protect a horse without teeth. I love horses. That seller is too expensive.

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