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Thread: should or should not join a club?

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    should or should not join a club?

    Should or should not join a club?
    Many people think that taking part in some groups or clubs is very important, which help us improve the social skill, have more relationship with other people in the world, become more and more confident. However, personally, I think there is something that should be considered when joining a club.
    Firstly, being a member in a club means you have responsibility to develop the club. Sometimes, concentrating in building up your organization will take all your time. You will have no time to take care of yourself, feel tired and break a lot of intendance. That’s not just my imagination. I have been a member of a club call “Life Skill Club” during the time I’m a student and become vice-president of that club. It is such a busy job that I cannot spend times to do another whole plan. The consequence is that I fail the graduation exam and need to restudy.
    Secondly, attending a club influences your emotion very strongly. A club always has events, and during the time preparing events, confliction will happen. Not only in holding events, confliction also happens if the club has a bad leader, the regulation is illogical and so on… Those hard thing will make you have a bad mood, be sad, be anger, be tired, be disappointed….These emotion are very harmful, it will impact other thing in life such as your studying, your job, your family…I have a cousin who used to be an excellent student, he joined a club about psychology and now get mental illness. Therefore, be careful if you decide to join a club!
    Finally, joining a club or an organization, something like that… can make you run out of money. Of course, this situation only happen if you still depend on your family or your income is low. As we all know, to be developed, every club need a fund which rose by the member’s cash. Not mention the fee for some events and the compensation for the deficit if any project doesn’t succeed. These situations happen in a lot of clubs, even some big and reliable clubs. And the burden will come to the members. That the reason why don’t be rush when join a club.
    In brief, there are a lot of problem that you will confront when become a member in clubs. I don’t negate that taking part in clubs is very good and help you to improve your social skills. However, you need to consider to have a good and productive activities. That’s the key to get the best success.

    • My English is not good, if there are any mistakes, please help me to correct them. Thanks.

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    I belong to a tennis club, a duplicate bridge club and a church. While all require a degree of commitment, I would hardly call it onerous. If you choose to take up leadership roles, the demands will certainly be greater and, one hopes, so will the rewards.
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    I'm part of the Backpacking club at my school. I think clubs are a great thing to join, because you can make so many new friends; there are some clubs that don't cost too much (or nothing), too. It really is a nice atmosphere to be around.
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    I finally joined a chess club yesterday with some success. Slowly and surely getting stronger putting in on average 3/4 hours a day study and more on the weekend. Joining a club is an essential part of my ongoing development.

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