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Thread: why was Oscar Wilde protestant?

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    why was Oscar Wilde protestant?

    I'm writing a term paper on Oscar Wilde, and for some reason I'm really struggling with this question. He's Irish, born to Irish nationalist parents living in Dublin, not Ulster. Although his mother had some brief dalliances with Catholicism, it seems to me that his father was pretty strongly Protestant. How did that come about? I apologize if this is a rediculous question...

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    Hi , I see that nobody replied to your question so far. I have never thought much about why Oscar was Protestant because i kind of always assumed that he couldn't be Catholic, so the only option was Protestant. I just always remember that he said he would like to DIE Catholic, yes, that would be fine, BUT living the way Catholic church would ask one to live was NOT GOOD for Oscar. Think about his believes, and sexual relationships, and all....
    I am not helping you much, BUT I'd like to encourage you to look for things Oscar himself said about his faith and being NOT Catholic.


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    your question seems to assume Oscar Wilde would be catholic just because he's Irish. This is a false assumption, his background was Anglo Irish which would mean he would almost definataly be a member of the Protestant Church of Ireland.

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    Oscar Wilde was Anglo-Irish. i.e. a descendent of the English and Welsh ruling class that emigrated there. Their religion was usually Church of Ireland, the Irish branch of the Church of England, or the Episcopalian church in America (so I believe). They are not the same people as the Scotch-Irish protestants in the north. I get the impression they are largely Presbyterians (a sterner version of Protestantism). I am not entirely sure about that as my grandfather was from Ulster and he was Church of Ireland, as is an aunt.
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