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Thread: Folio of Lover's on Beach Strand

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    Folio of Lovers on Beach Strand

    Slathered, oiled frames
    Treading sands of time
    Foaming tides surge
    Briny film develops

    Two, virile images
    In pixelated motion
    Entering Love's folio
    Sharing spatial time

    Their, silted still life forms
    Yesterday's, filtered shadows
    On egg-white shells
    Stain beach canvas

    With sea salts embalmed
    Strained sediments bury
    Mementos but caricature
    That hoary sun preserves

    In Nature's reserve
    Each negative revolves
    On reflective carousel
    Hourglass recycles grains

    Mercurial silhouettes of love
    Outlined in the murky brine
    Wind's emotive flute
    Pipes enduring refrain
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