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Thread: Radio broadcast on Joyce by Terence White Gervais?

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    Radio broadcast on Joyce by Terence White Gervais?

    Hello. First post here - hoping someone may be able to help? Two part query:

    In Ellmann's biography of Joyce (page 715), Terence White Gervais (aka Terence White), an English poet, writer, musician and composer (and most definitely a Joycean), is mentioned as visiting Joyce in 1938, and asking him about the musicality of Finnegans Wake. I'm researching White Gervais - not as an academic, just for personal interest. He died in 1968, and an obituary mentions that he "broadcast a vivid account" of his meetings with Joyce - no further details. Radio, presumably.

    I can't track down any record of such a broadcast. But (1) someone else may know? On the other hand (2), I'm wondering if his reminiscences might have been incorporated as part of W R Rodgers's BBC broadcast, "Portrait of James Joyce: Part II: The Artist in Maturity," of February 1950, which gathered together a number of reminiscences. Transcript copies of this broadcast seem to be lying about in various university collections, but has the transcript ever been published, or is it accessible online anywhere? No sound recording seems to have survived.

    Any help very welcome! Thanks, Richard Warren.

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    I am currently completing the biography of the English composer Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji (1892-1988). I have known the name Terence White Gervais for years as the author of articles on the composer Ferruccio Busoni (on whom I have written extensively) and of the article on Sorabji for Grove's Dictionary (1954 ed.). You write that you know an obituary of Gervais, something that I never came across and would be most curious to read. You may have already seen the biographical note that I wrote about him on the Sorabji Resource Site; it is the very first link that Google returns when you search on the full name between quotation marks. I must ask you to google my website because this Forum's software forbids me to use URLs in a first post. May I suggest that you then click on the contact link at the bottom of the page so that we can continue the discussion.


    Marc-André Roberge

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