Here's a little flash fiction piece I came up with.
Hope everyone enjoys it

The Price of Revenge

Whirling winds whistled around a woman climbing stairs under the starry night. She isnít the only one climbing, but all the men and women around her seemed oblivious to their environment, each in their own little world. The woman searches her surroundings, and her eyes roll around in her sockets ceaselessly like pinballs. And yet, they did not see. Instead she was back where it had happened. The reason why she was here in the first place.

A death. Every day since, she had regretted what had occurred on that day. It had left a hole in her heart and her mind. Her greatest love on this world had been taken from her. The one man who knew everything about her. He was gone and with him, all she lived for. As soon as he had died though, she had made sure to take revenge on the person responsible for her loveís death.

He had died at home in a fire. The body was barely recognizable and they had to use his dental records to identify him. When they confirmed that it was her love, it was a stab to the heart. She was lucky, leaving on a business trip the day before. How could she have known that while she was gone, a fire could lead to the destruction of all she owned, and the death of all she loved?

She screamed at the voices in her head. ďIt should have been you!Ē they said. She had answered them by taking revenge on the arsonist. With one shot to the head, she said goodbye to the person who ruined her whole life in a single act of carelessness. But when she pulled the trigger, she didnít feel happiness, or a release from all the frustration. Instead, she felt blank. Empty inside. In a trance, she stepped away from the body and ran outside.

That was the first time she found the stairway. And since then, she had been climbing, searching for the entrance. Searching for the entrance, but always knowing that for her, it would never appear. As she shook her head, she revealed the gaping hole in the side of her head. Her chance had ended almost one hundred years ago. Back where it had happened. The reason why she was here in the first place. When she had taken revenge on her loveís killer.