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Thread: I need help with 'The tell-tale heart'

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    Unhappy I need help with 'The tell-tale heart'

    I need to know how Poe uses the point of view in the story to reveal the deeper meaning. I'm having a difficult time with this, I love the story and I can practically recite it but I just can't explain this. If you know please let me know! Thank you.

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    One idea I have about the topuic is how clueless the narrator is about his descent into madness. It makes sense to him from his oint of view the murder is perfectly legitimate but oyu can;t fool Mother Nature --so to speak and his guilt manifests itself in odd fashion with the heart sounds---his own nerves and sanity slipping away--hope this helps.

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    If you want to try something interesting, read it again, but imagine the narrator is a woman. A professor suggested this when I was in college. It blew my mind. Completely changes the story, and nothing in the story indicates the narrator is a man. Probably not what Poe intended, but it was fun and interesting.

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