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Thread: Height of Love with God is Worship - Peace in Society - New Ahmadiyya Mosque Canada.

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    Lightbulb Height of Love with God is Worship - Peace in Society - New Ahmadiyya Mosque Canada.

    Peace be on you. A mosque is called a House of Allah where faithful come to gather for worship. Mosque represents the purpose of making of Kaaba to unite all humanity to offer Prayer which should lead to peace in society. Worship of Allah does not consist of mere physical acts of offering Salaat, there are deeper lessons.

    The Holy Khalifah of Promised Messiah Mahdi inaugurated a new Mosque, named as Bait ur Rahman Mosque in Vancouver, British Columbia of Canada, with Friday sermon on 17 May, 2013. Some data of the mosque is:
    It is situated on roughly 3.75 acres of land and has a covered area of 33,419 sq ft.

    It has two floors and a dome that is 47 ft high and a minaret that is 76 ft high.

    At the moment both the men and women’s halls are combined and this combined area is 6,800 sq ft. and in this combined hall a total of 1,132 people can offer prayers.

    There is an ample parking lot that can accommodate 140 cars.

    There is also a multi-purpose hall in which 1,050 people can offer prayers - so altogether more than 2,000 people can offer prayers in the mosque.

    There is also a library, a tabligh/outreach center, a kitchen, a funeral home service area, four classrooms, number of offices, a boardroom, a missionary’s residence, and a guest house.

    They have done some very beautiful calligraphy on the mosque.

    The total cost of the project, including some extra costs that became necessary, stands at C$8.5 million.

    Photo of the mosque can be seen in press release in

    ‘The true beauty of mosques is not in their building structures but in fact it is with those worshippers who offer their prayers in them with full sincerity’ --- Said the Promised Messiah Mahdi (on whom be peace).

    To be able to make a mosque is blessings of God. There are associated responsibilities. In this regard, the Holy Khalifah reminded his Commuity:

    1= They should pay the right of new mosque by populating it for Salaat.

    2= They should worship Allah and lives in obedience to His commandments.

    3= They should connect their selves and their progenies to Allah- The One so that they are successful in this world and in Hereafter. Seek His pleasure by striving to get His nearness through worship, sacrifice and practicing His teachings.

    4= They should take the message of peaceful spiritual reforms (IslamAhmadiyya) to others.

    5= Their progress should soon leave their mosques smaller and they should make more mosques in more cities.

    6= Allah has asked the Promised Messiah to gather together all Muslims on the real Islam which was brought by Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him).

    7= Progress from apparent belief (by words) to belief in hearts.

    8= Get consumed in love with Allah, pay rights of Allah and rights of His Creation. Each limb should obey Divine teachings.

    9= Heart of a believer, remain in mosque from one Salaat till next, said by Holy Prophet (s.a.w.).

    10= Perform worldly tasks with honesty too as it is Divine teaching.

    11= Offer Salaat and pay dues of society.

    12= Avoid laziness, as it takes away from faith.

    13= Those who come to mosque have faith in Hereafter, they seek Allah’s pleasure. They are granted paradise.

    14= They offer financial sacrifices regularly and in various schemes of Community.

    15= They act in all aspects of faith; all dues of Allah and Allah’s Creation.

    16= They love Allah most.

    17= They are afraid not to loose Allah’s nearness, they keep their souls pure. Fear is associated with Salaat and love with Hajj.

    18= Raising a mosque means, we need to check ourselves in terms of worshipping Allah, love of Allah, acting on commandments of Allah, morals, matching words and deeds, and also fulfilling obligations towards people.

    19= Remember: ‘You are the best people raised for the good of humanity; you enjoin what is good and forbid evil and believe in Allah.’ (Holy Quran Chapter 3: Verse 11)

    20= Visitors who come to see the mosque should feel Ahmadiyya Muslims always do good for others, instead of thinking about their own benefit. It is teaching of Islam.

    21= Speak to the people with kindness. Mutual dealing should be based on love. Have inner strength. Convey the Message of to the world. Seek pleasure of Allah.

    Reference: Benefited from Friday Sermon / May 17, 2013 / Vancouver Canada / by Holy Khalifah of Holy Promised Messiah Mahdi / and
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