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Thread: Calebís Crossing by Geraldine Brooks, 2011

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    Calebís Crossing by Geraldine Brooks, 2011

    Calebís Crossing by Geraldine Brooks, 2011

    I would recommend this book as a lighter summer read. Calebís Crossing was written by Geraldine Brooks in 2011. Although this book did not win the Pultizer Prize, her previous book March won in 2005 for fiction. One cannot question this authorís ability. Although her writing is not often poetic, she can craft a suspenseful plot.

    Calebís Crossing is a historical novel based on the actual life story of a Wampanoag Indian named Cheeshahteaumuck. He later takes the Christian name Caleb. The story is narrated by a young Puritan woman by the name of Bethia. These two befriend each other while still young adults running through the native woods of Marthaís Vineyard.
    There is a deeply unique and powerful exchange between them; one in which they teach each other their native language and learn from each other many aspects of each otherís culture.

    Throughout the story the life path of Bethia and Caleb run parallel. There is a point, in which, you as the reader, feel a longing for them to come together. However, the author does not take the story in this direct. This is not a romance in this regard, but a true work of historical fiction. Calebís crossing occurs when he graduates from Harvard College. With this great honor, he proves to the world that Native Americans are not savages, but highly intelligent and capable human beings.

    This is the person the story is based on:

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    Good points. These proyections are not worth for what happened at that time. This is similar to the aftermath of the Salem witch trials. A person is innocent until proven guilty. In the case of Caleb the proyection is that a native American was able to graduate, regardless of his immediate fate or that of his friends. Good stuff.

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