Can someone help me find poems that relate to my own?

I've got four and below is a synopsis of each:

1. A person whom I'm speaking to help them get motivated and find hope in life. They're always holding themselves back and lacking confidence. I tell them how great they are and how they should keep going.

2. About perseverance. Telling someone to always go and don't stop in their desires and passions. They're almost there and I care.

3. My criticism on life. How I question what people tell me. I detest what we're told to do and want to deviate from the common path expected. The disappointment of life when I realised what it's all about.

4. How school cripples lives and takes the very essence of youth away from us. How homework causes kids to have their time consumed. Youth disappears.

If you know of any poems that relate to these themes, it would be much appreciated if you can link me to them (or copy and paste in this thread). Thank you.