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Thread: My Teacher

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    My Teacher

    "My Teacher"

    by Khush

    As I flip through the pages of life, there is one thing that I clearly see,

    A man has stood by me through thick and thin, never to forsake or flee,

    I first met him at the age of eight,

    Looking back now, I can say it was my good fate,

    A naughty child that I was, he enjoyed my antics and play,

    However, he was sure to discipline me if I went astray,

    The cheerful side of me took a backseat when tragedies of life struck,

    But he was there to tell me that everyone could change their luck,

    In difficult times, even kith and kin turned their backs,

    He did not abandon me, there was no covering of tracks,

    There were times that I even took him for granted,

    Nevertheless, my welfare and well-being was all that he wanted,

    In anxiety and depression, I took desperate measures,

    Ignoring my loved ones and life’s beautiful treasures,

    I stumbled, tripped and sometimes fell,

    But he lent his hand, all my fears did he quell,

    All my transgressions did he forgive,

    There are so many cherished memories with him to relive,

    Who is he? Is that what you wonder?

    Nowhere will you find such a gem, even if you split the earth asunder,

    My teacher, parent and mentor is he,

    I call him Sir; that is all he is to me.

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    Quite amusing but it lacks strong reflections.Also where are you from?Is there reality in this?Because I found this a bit artificial as every teacher I came across,was only there to abuse his/her powers,hurt the students and boost his/her ego.

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