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Thread: The Club Dumas

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    The Club Dumas

    Seeing if anyone's read it and their thoughts on the book?

    I originally got it because a movie was made based off the book (The Ninth Gate). And so far, the books more entertaining (which it always is) than the movie.

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    I first saw the movie years ago and did not at the time know it was based off a book. The movie itself I quite enjoyed as well it was the sort of thing that was right up my alley. I then happened upon the book Club Dumas and still was not yet aware of the connection between movie and book. But the book was recommended to me here on Litnet, plus as a fan of Dumas

    I read the book last year, and soon began to see the similarities between the book and the movie, and found out sure enough that the movie was based off the book, which made me even more intrigued by the book. The book itself I absolutely loved (no surprise there considering how much I liked the movie) but it was exactly the kind of thing which I enjoy reading, and the characters in the book were great I thought. I particularly enjoyed the descriptions of Corso.

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    I read the book many, many years ago while on a holiday in Hayle, Cornwall. I have his The Painter of Battles as well but I was not much impressed by The Club Dumas so the other book is still gathering dust. I preffered Zafon's books over Arturo Pérez-Reverte's and have read most of them.
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