I l(one) one, Only One Me

by Adolescent09


One keratin land
of tilled,
of plowed,
of trimmed
ones on
One oval
of ones,
no one of which owns


I l(one) one


I have a hunch this thread, much like most of my other threads, is going to die on it's inception but bear with me.

This activity was used quite often in my upper division Analysis class to get us to follow the crucial mathematic concept of conditions. Of course, the activity in and of itself, isn't real math at all, but it does promote creativity: that is the foundation on which math is constructed. It also helps to curb writer's blocks. The objective is minimalism, which is the basis of all poetry, but unlike poetry, this activity is restricted to preposterously stringent rules.

Condition of this activity: In a body of words use the same two letters either consecutively or in reverse but that are consecutive in one word of four letters or less in which the word itself is used and the the letters MUST be a correctly spelled word implying something you believe promotes thinking. The title is not limited to the aforementioned condition.

Needless to say that class was hard as hell! My submission was only part II and I received a B- in the class.

Part I of my poem seems a bit too blatant to be called poetry. It obviously is a description of my nappy hair, which of course contains many 'one' hairs, atop my head of many 'one' neurons, and in no one person's brain does 'one' neuron control one person, including me.

Part II of my poem, inspired by E. E. Cummings, meets the condition of the activity. It describes a period of my life when I was not only a recluse, but I was going through major depression, one of the many symptoms of my bipolar condition.

Any thoughts about this activity? Feedback? comments? Much appreciated.