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Thread: Possible sources for inspirations

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    Possible sources for inspirations

    I'm writing a 2000 word essay [question and resource below]. I'm up to about 1000 words and don't know what to write for the next 1000. Any sources of inspiration would be appreciated.


    The power of drama lies in the dynamic interactions between elements such as set, stage properties, costume, character, action and dialogue. Discuss with detailed reference to one or more plays.

    No Sugar by Jack Davis

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    Go to the movies. Isaac Asimov said that his way of beating writer's block would be to forget about what he's doing, which would then clear the pathways for when you return to it. I've found this to be true for myself as well when pressed to write on time. You have to have some confidence that something will come.
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    Wow that's not a bad idea. Doing something completely different than the task at hand - very good for the brain/mind. Thank you

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    You could also compare two pieces of dramas, like something from Ibsen, Checkov or Williams, or whatever you are familiar with and then something more modern, because I have a question-why do screenwriters present us with trumped up drama, which is not necessary, when there is plenty of genuine drama already in the material they are working with?

    For example in the movie "The Sessions" they created, or tried to, anyway, a bit of drama between the sex therapist and her husband, and even tried to imply that her relationship with her client meant more to her than it really did in real life. It was a small movie, and I guess they were trying to find ways to expand it, but I think they could have found better and more genuine ways to do so. Maybe you could talk about issues like that, and look at all the interactions between the two dramas and then draw some conclusions.

    Also, ask yourself questions, lots of them. Write them down, go see a movie, come back and start writing.
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    Yeah I could, thanks! I can't use film this time round, but next I might Even asking myself questions is a good idea. Thanks again.

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    It's a rather strange task. It's too wide and is virtually asking you to write all you know about any play. I don't know the play (If that is what it is) that you mention but I assume there must be a very strong link between these elements in that play or you are being invited to turn ideas from that text into your own words to show that you understand how some elements of drama work together to create the theatrical experience for an audience.

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