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Thread: Finding the middle...

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    Smile Finding the middle...

    Life has its own distinct way of surprising you, people who called you names and insulted you a year back, come and hug you without hesitation, people who romped about with you call you names all afresh, people who you never thought were good enough to talk to, come out to be better than the ones who have been with, people who you have counted only as 'trash', find some acceptance, even a sort of nice feeling within you... it is nice...the way life tries everything on you and you go on taking each thing as the absolute...only to find how silly and damnably innocent you have been!
    But there is one absolute, and life gives it to you...but leaves you among numerous identical falsities for you to choose from... often you do not recognize it, and life abandons you with little sympathy and lesser regret, and...only sometimes, seldom that is, you tread and clog up in gutter, and suddenly on looking up, find a mad ray standing on you, much travelled, much tired, much taken, but still waiting on you, wishing you look up...
    and loved of the angels you are, if you do...
    It leaves you perpetually on precariousness
    and perpetually reigning in the middle of living-a place which cannot have an ending.

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    More of a muddle than the middle I'm afraid. None of this made sense.


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    Little Gal : it indeed is a very good read... hope you have successfully excelled in using indifference as an attack mechanism...

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