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Thread: Newbie with a question about citing from this site.

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    Newbie with a question about citing from this site.

    Gotta love homophones!

    Hey someone! I am writing a paper and using a quote from Charles Dickens', "Oliver Twist". I do not have a copy on hand and would like to cite TLN's copy. I use EndNote citation software, so I can either import or create from scratch.

    How would you suggest I cite the quote, as a book or a website? If a book, I assume TLN becomes the publisher and place published but what should I use as the date published, I'm assuming 1837-1839 (when he published it) but the citation would be inaccurate because TLN wasn't the original publisher....

    Thanks for your help!


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    Since Dickens didn't have his own web site it would be pointless citing the quote from any web site.

    Unless TLN has somehow rewritten Dickens's piece (and I don't understand why they might do that) you have to cite the original novel for obvious reasons. Who published it is neither here nor there.


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