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Thread: Should Rhyming Poets Be Castrated?

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    Quote Originally Posted by YesNo View Post
    I piss off people when I write
    And let my drivel show.
    I like to tick 'em off and might
    Decide to drop some more tonight
    And cover them in rhymes to 'white'
    Like streets in cozy snow.
    Haha this tickled me here is my take I wish it dubbious read.

    i write to avoid
    and those who do
    let them shine the troy
    he'll come off horse's
    and begins to sprout
    will see if he will
    the land of
    literature lords

    and then this :

    he did not reach the dine
    he'd realised the fine
    he'd bought a watch
    and can
    never tell the time.
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    it may never try
    but when it does it sigh
    it is just that
    it fly

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    Freedom is a beautiful thing. I write both in rhyme and non-rhyme and make no apologies. I embrace my freedom to do whatever I feel like doing whenever I want. I read both, appreciate both, enjoy both. Sure, there are times when abuse of rhyming leads to groaning but there is equally abuse in non-rhyming that leads to groaning.

    I'm new at writing poetry and recently tried my hand at writing a ballad in iambic pentameter with rhyming. I now have a new appreciation for how difficult it is to do this without it sounding sing-songy, trite, forced, archaic, childish, sappy....there's an art to it and it's not easy, but history has shown it can be mastered. I'm a novice. I hope I never become so advanced as to set parameters for other's creativity. That's when I'll stop learning.

    ^ YesNo...bravo!
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