I may die but live through you, my dear
When the remains of me will fertilize your womb
And my space will be submerged into yours
My feelings combined into yours

Through acts of sex we are one
Through psychic understanding we remain in whole
My death does not matter when I live through your memories
You will for eternity reserve space in your heartís chamber

Do not panic over departure
I will be oscillating within the Milkyway
You will find me whistling in the wind that blows your frock
I will kiss and fondle your lips and breasts coming through sunny dusts

Death is a state of mind only
For physicality is only one aspect of life
I will continue invigorating even your body
Even if you will be in acts of sex with your new beloveds
For the acts you may be performing with more nimbleness
Will remind you of my presence
For physical presence is not everything
That will make you fully present
Deep within you I will always be present
And I will live through you for eternity