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Thread: Unexplained inconsistencies

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    Unexplained inconsistencies

    I've read The Count of Monte Cristo a few times now, and can honestly say it's probably my favorite book. And for the most part I understand everything that's went on. But there are a few things I'm confused about. First of all, when The Count meets Franz the first time, he introduces himself as "Sinbad the Sailor." When Franz sees him in Rome, The Count pretends not to recognize him. (Though, considering his skill at disguise, he could not have seriously expected Franz not to recognize him.) So why would he ignore this prior episode? Franz himself wondered this, but it was never resolved.

    Another thing is, the identity of Edmond's aliases throughout the book appears somewhat inconsistent. For example, when The Count talks to Julie and Emmanuel about Lord Wilmore, he says he's an old ACQUAINTANCE of his; a philanthropist (implying he may have been the one who saved M. Morrel.) And that he had "lost track" of him. Yet, later on when Villefort is inquiring about The Count, Lord Wilmore is easy to find, and instead of calling himself The Count's friend or acquaintance, he says he is his enemy. So why these inconsistencies? In all other matters The Count was almost impossibly exact and careful to conceal his identity and achieve his revenge.
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    Dementia without script? The truly demented individual would eat a banana today and tomorrow will look at it once more and ask what it is. He might walk away from home and forget how to return. Or he might find a car that looks like a model he has had in the past, open the door if possible, sit at the wheel and assume it's his. He has to be taken care because he is actually demented, which is a biological illness.
    Then there is a dementia which is a mental illness, in particular between couples. It has an unfailing script, which is always the same, or varies little. This dementia has no bilogical cause, and it is a simulated dementia with a fixed script. It is easy to detect because of the script. There is very little loss of memory. Your choice.

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    It is unlikely that the Count expects Franz not to recognise him, and I think recognising him would force Monte Cristo to talk about this, which would diminish the mystery and suspense he always creates.
    My view on the Lord Wilmore inconsistency, is that the Count simply uses him as he wants, and changes his personality to suit his needs, as why would the Morrels ever talk to Monsieur de Villefort (because he didn't know about Valentine)?

    However, there are also many, more obvious inconsistencies, such as Olivia/Leonora Corsinari, Emmanuel's surname and not to mention dates...
    These are because Dumas wrote the chapters in such a short time period for publishing, he didn't have the chance to go through and edit it. It's possible that this is the reason for the latter.

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    Perhaps the reason is this great novel The Count of Monte Cristo was not written only by Dumas most probably. As I found here on (couldn't submit link) , it was published in collaboration with ghostwriter Auguste Maquet. Maybe he changed something and the result was this inconsistency?? What's your thinking?

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