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Thread: Knowing Yourself

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    Knowing Yourself

    At what age did you feel like you have a solid understanding of yourself?
    What sorts of events helped this experience of self-discovery?
    If there was a book that caused deep reflection, please share which book it was that had such an effect.

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    Around 41.
    Discovering creative writing, death of a parent, diagnosis of bipolar, motherhood, graduation.
    No books except for what I call 'anchors' Collectibles which are of no interest to anyone but myself. They offer a timeline on my own life story. I very rarely read them.
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    Hi 2X2E5. This might tight up nicely with the other thread I am trying to tackle with no success whatsoever sexual identity haha.
    I feel that to understand oneself takes half a lot of time and patience. One is not fully understood until they reach their forties and even later I reckon.
    That is my experience anyway.
    Events are linked to memory and other factors that help jug memory and that could only be done when time is ready or when we are.
    A person is a complex human being with psychological and physiological factors attached within. To understand is to memorize and to rationalize without the panic buttons in case one is not able to take facts or issues he or she just about discovered about themselves. Maturity is what helps someone rationalize when and if they get to grip with they were their infancy/childhood. The past is a very important phase in understanding who someone is.
    That is why one can only get to learn to grasp who they are when they are at a later age.
    Hope this makes sense.
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